Retail Reimagined🎙️

Retail Reimagined is a podcast series that features CXOs from the retail industry who are at the forefront of digital transformation and customer-centricity. The goal of the podcast is to provide substantive content and create a repository of thought leadership that captures the forward-thinking ideas of these leaders.

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New Episodes!

New Retail Reimagined episode with CXOs discussing retail's digital transformation and customer-centricity. Listen now!

Loyalty in the Age of Data: Building Lasting Relationships | 🎙️ Nazif Tejani, Lead - CRM Marketing, Bestseller India

In the sixth episode of Retail Reimagined, Nazif Tejani, CRM Lead at Bestseller India, shares his extensive expertise in the CRM and loyalty field, having worked with well-known brands like Bestseller, House of Anita Dongre, and Flipkart. He was instrumental in the launch of Flipkart's pioneering loyalty program, Flipkart First, in the e-commerce industry. In this 40-minute discussion, he covers a range of topics, including segmentation and data analysis, point-based loyalty programs, and customer recommendations. Tune in to gain insights into the latest trends in Data, Loyalty, and Growth.

EPISODE FIVE: Uncover the Mistakes Retailers make with Customer Data | 🎙️ Jermina Menon,

The fifth episode features Jermina Menon, Founder, An entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in retail and FMCG Marketing. Her strengths are business strategy, brand marketing & digital strategy. With, she helps SME entrepreneurs re-engineer their business for efficiency & offer strategic marketing solutions that deliver ROI. The 30-minute conversation flows around the importance of ‘relevant data’ in customer loyalty, how to get Leadership aligned around data, and bringing Qualitative information from Quantified Data!

EPISODE FOUR: Unpack the Potential of Retail Data Ecosystem | 🎙️ Mahadevann Iyerr, Co-Founder & CEO, Insights Now

The fourth episode features Mahadevann Iyerr, Co-Founder & CEO, Insights Now. He is a business leader with nearly 3 decades of experience in enabling profitable growth for businesses, by driving strategic initiatives in CRM, Analytics, Business Innovation & Operational Excellence and leading transformational change in Omni-channel Retail, by leveraging disruptive solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Digital & CRM. The 40-minute conversation flows around retail data and how to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. How to go about building data base and leveraging the potential of the retail data ecosystem.

EPISODE THREE: Unpacking Retail Loyalty Programs with Mr. Loyalty| 🎙️Ajay Row, Loyalty Caravan

The third episode features Ajay Row, Founder & Chairman of Loyalty Caravan. An entrepreneur and executive with 35 years of experience in data-driven & digital marketing, loyalty, analytics, and CRM across a variety of industries. He launched one of the first loyalty and data-driven marketing programs globally in the ‘80s. And since then implemented programs across 65+ countries. Built several companies and delivered numerous globally recognized case studies. The 20-minute conversation flows around the loyalty programs and the role of data in determining their success of it.

EPISODE TWO: Unlocking the Power of Data in F&B Industry | 🎙️Divya Aggarwal, Impresario Handmade Restaurants

The second episode features Divya Aggarwal, Chief Growth Office at Impresario Handmade Restaurants. She comes with varied experience in the different industries and has worked with brands like Nestle, Jubilant FoodWorks, Twitter and now at Impresario Handmade Restaurants. The half-hour conversation flows around Growth, Data and how restaurants can leverage data to their advantage.

EPISODE ONE: Retail Transformation To A Customer Led Market | 🎙️ Shifali Singh, Biba

Retail Reimagined is a series of podcasts that will feature CXOs from across the retail ecosystem & uncover the future of retail. The first episode features Shifali Singh, CMO - Retail & E-commerce at BIBA Apparels. She comes with two decades of experience in the retail industry and has worked with brands like Shoppers Stop, Marks & Spencer, Benetton Group, and now at Biba Apparels. The half-hour conversation flows around Customer led marketing, the History of personalisation, Reforms in the retail ecosystem, and the Future of Retail.

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