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Deliver unforgettable, personalized experiences with Xeno's Next-Gen CRM & Loyalty Platform for Beauty & Wellness Industry.

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Trusted By Leading Retailers

Trusted By Leading Retailers

Here’s how Food & Beverage Brands are using Xeno to boost Repeat sales

Amplify New Menu/Product Launch Campaigns for Maximum Results

Target the most likely audience segments for new menu or product adoption based on their past purchase behavior & customer persona.

Taco Bell launched their new menu with 30+ unique communications leading to an ROI of 88X →

Bring back inactive customers who haven't shopped in 3 or 6 months

Re-engage customers who haven't made a recent purchase by offering exclusive and relevant incentives that cater to their individual buying history and preferences

How Biryani By Kilo observed a 11% growth in dormant reactivation using personalized campaigns on scale →

Boost Weekday Sales with Targeted Campaign Optimization

Leverage customer behavior analysis to identify low-sales weekdays, and strategically optimize campaigns with personalized offers to drive increased sales during those periods.

Nando’s India Generated 171x ROI via personalized campaigns →

Encourage in-store & website orders to remove third-party dependencies

Increase in-store & website sales via personalized cross-channel campaigning that eliminates third-party dependencies and strengthens customer relationships.

How Mad Over Donuts increased their data collection to increase in-store orders →

Run unique campaigns for delivery and dine-in offers

Optimize promotions by segmenting your audience geographically, targeting dine-in offers near in-store outlets, and delivering personalized communications to online shoppers based on their last purchase, day time analysis, and frequency.

How a Fine Dining sent out  dine-in offers for its New Product Launch via Geographical targeting →

Get the Maximum ROI from your Loyalty Program

Upgrade your restaurant loyalty program with personalized experiences and exclusive benefits that cater to each loyal customer's preferences.

Here’s why our Customers Love Us

If you need a partner who understands your business, if you need a partner who understands how the whole CRM thing comes about, from how the integration happens to how the personas are built & how the customer bucketing happens. Then Xeno’s for you.

Tushar Mehta, VP Marketing, Taco Bell

We started working with Xeno at a challenging time. But the results have been very promising. With Xeno, we are able to run many experiments and while we are in a learning phase, experiments have proved fruitful. The team at Xeno is solid, they work like your in-house partner and presents well thought plans.

Shazia Zafar, Previously Chumbak

We knew digital is the way ahead for CRM. Xeno being the leading player for digital CRM for retailers in India became the right fit for us to kickstart our digital CRM journey. Now we’re happy to say that our thought process has been validated with an 40% uplift on Digital over SMS campaigns during black friday sale.

Nazif Tejani, Lead - CRM, Bestseller

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