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2024 Retail Marketing Calendar

#InspireEveryMonth with Xeno’s Ultimate Retail Marketing Calendar & never miss an important event to delight your customers.

March Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Xeno’s March Marketing guide is packed with actionable tips and tricks designed for retailers. Know which customers to target, which campaigns to run, and the best strategies to maximize your sales.
summer campaign ideas

The Ultimate Summer Marketing Playbook for Retailers

How to Beat the Summer Slump and Increase Repeat Business

State of Retail CRM in Middle East

The guide talks about the common challenges faced by marketerstoday & how can we solve them.
personalised social media campaigns

What is Next-Gen's CRM?

A next-gen retail CRM is your path to the retention marketing each retail CRM marketer has always dreamt of.
increase retail sales in march

March Marketing for Retailers: A How-To Guide 🌈

How to Make the Most of the Month
customer social media targeting

Make Your Brand  Holiday Ready For This Winter Season | Xeno

It’s time to Sleigh the Holiday Season ❄️
how to increase diwali sales

How To Win At Diwali

Covid-19 has spurred a permanent change in consumer behavior, solidifying online buying habits.

How to Win at Holi

Festivals are undoubtedly the best times to connect with your customers. And what better than Holi? One of the biggest Indian festivals and the most colorful one of course.

State of Retail CRM Post COVID-19 - Report | India

76% of leadership teams have increased focus on CRM marketing post-COVID. Learn the state of CRM Post Covid

Guide to CRM Marketing on Facebook

Leverage Facebook Ad Network to personalise your CRM Marketing. Learn Facebook Ad Network in depth.

Move Away From SMS

SMS Marketing is dying a slow death in India. To curtail the growth of spam, TRAI increased the prices of an SMS in May 2018. Learn how to move on from SMS to other platforms.

Hotstar Ads + IPL

Disney + Hotstar has over 150 million monthly active users that makes Hotstar advertising a premium platform for top brands across the country to reach out to their customers.

Advanced Guide for Facebook Custom Audience Ads

Leverage the power of Facebook Ads. We’re spilling the secrets to the Facebook ads that generated ROIs of over 100x.

Personalised Marketing in Today’s Privacy Conscious World

Learn how to scale your business with personalised marketing while ensuring customer data privacy.
Lockdown Report 2021
2021 started on a positive note with things getting better then the 2nd wave of COVID-19 hit us. Learn the State of Retail in May vs March 2021

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