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How Indian Restaurant brands can thrive through COVID


In this episode, our Co-founder, Ayushmaan Kapoor is joined by Mr Anurag Katriar who is the Executive Director & CEO of deGustibus Hospitality Pvt Ltd and currently serving as the President of the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI), the foremost body of the F&B Industry in India that represents the interests of over half a million restaurants across the nation. Anurag will be sharing his vision on how Indian Restaurant brands can thrive through COVID.



Anurag Katriar

President, NRAI

Anurag Katriar, commonly known as AK in the hospitality circle, is the Founder and Managing Director of Indigo Hospitality Pvt Ltd, a Company that owns and operates several iconic F&B Brands like Indigo Delicatessen, Indigo Burger Project, Platform 7, Moveable Feast and Neel. Anurag, served as the President of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) and was very actively involved in the larger Industry advocacy issues, more so since 2017 when he joined the Managing Committee of the NRAI. Over last few years, he has emerged as an important, respected and impactful thought leader of the F&B sector. Anurag firmly believes that India, with its vast and varied food repertoire, is a culinary powerhouse which has not achieved its true potential on the global stage. He aspires to see India emerge as the global leader in culinary development, which in turn will inspire next generation of chefs around the world.


Ayushmaan Kapoor

COO & Founder at Xeno

Ayushmaan Kapoor is the founder & COO of Xeno. Ayushmaan & Pranav started Xeno together in 2015 and together have a vision to make Xeno the #1 customer intelligence platforms for retailers all across.  Outside of work, Ayushmaan finds joy in traveling to the hills and often takes short trips to recharge & rejuvenate

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