Retail Reimagined
Yours, Digitally!
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20 mins

Unpacking Retail Loyalty Programs with Mr. Loyalty


The second episode features Ajay Row, Founder & Chairman of Loyalty Caravan. An entrepreneur and executive with 35 years of experience in data-driven & digital marketing, loyalty, analytics, and CRM across a variety of industries. He launched one of the first loyalty and data-driven marketing programs globally in the ‘80s. And since then implemented programs across 65+ countries. Built several companies and delivered numerous globally recognized case studies. The 20-minute conversation flows around the loyalty programs and the role of data in determining their success of it.



Ajay Row

Founder & Chairman, Customer Capital

Ajay Row has 35 years of experience in CRM, loyalty and database marketing. Launched one of the first CRM, loyalty and database marketing programs globally, have since implemented programs across some 65 countries. He has built several case studies.


Jitendranath Patri

Consulting Partner

Jitendranath Patri is a seasoned business professional with over 25 years of experience in the retail industry. He has deep knowledge in retail management, marketing, CRM, and customer loyalty. He works with Xeno as a consulting partner, driving innovation in CRM and loyalty strategies for retailers. Jitendranath also hosts a podcast called Retail Reimagined where he engages experienced retail professionals in insightful discussions.

Retail Reimagined is a podcast series that features CXOs from the retail industry who are at the forefront of digital transformation and customer-centricity.

Yours, Digitally! is a digital personalisation podcast dedicated to leadership & marketing teams of retail brands who are looking to shift from conventional marketing to digital personalized marketing like Amazon, Spotify & Netflix have already done.




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