How Taco Bell launched a new menu with a 88x ROI using personalisation

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taco bell best of bell menu campaign

Taco Bell India launched Best of Bell menu across all their outlets. The launch was successful by running Product Launch Ops test in selected stores, Segmentation using AI/ML for sending personalized communication and Launch of the new menu to all customers with 30+ unique communications


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ROI on the menu launch campaigns

About taco Bell India

Taco Bell has become one of India’s most loved fast foodchains in a short span of time. Burman Hospitality whichruns Taco Bell in India has already set up over 50 outlets inIndia and plans to scale to over 600 Taco Bell outlets in thenext 10 years.

Key Highlights

➔ Taco Bell launched a new Best of Bell menu to attract the value conscious Indian customer
➔ To maximize the response of the launch, Taco Bell used AI to identify the most optimal audience for the campaign generating an 88x ROI
➔ 30% of customers who visited the outlets ended up trying out the new value menu
➔ Conversion Rate of the campaigns increased by almost 6x due to personalisation efforts.


Taco Bell knew that in today’s competitive market, personalizing marketing communication is no more a “cherry on the top” but a necessity for brands to enable. Customers don’t want to be bombarded with communication irrelevant to them. With that vision in mind to create personalised experiences for each customer, Xeno is lucky to be part Taco Bell’s CRM journey in India from day 1


A product launch ops test was conducted for Best of Bell Menu to study the consumer feedback and market sentiments of the target group and how the customers will perceive the launch. Product Launch Ops Test was conducted across 18 different outlets of Taco Bell over the span of two months; August and September. Over these two months, several metrics were tracked to gain insights on how customers were reacting to the menu. The results from the ops test proved successful and paved the way for campaign strategy for the launch across all stores.

Based on a customer’s favourite store, the in recency, frequency patterns & ATV the customer base was divided up into 12 segments. Then the communication drivers were defined for each segment.

“If you need the right partner, if you need a partner who understands your business if you need a partnerwho understands how the whole CRM thing works, and how customer personas are built. All that has to bedone with the know-how of a partner who has done this consistently for brands and most importantly treatsthis entire journey as their own.”

Tushar Mehta
AVP Marketing, Taco Bell


The Best of Bell menu was the same for all customers. Yet, the menu was communicated to customers in over 30 different ways based on their preferences to maximize the relevancy of the communication for each customer.
Communication 1: To initially build awareness of the Best of the Bell menu, Taco Bell launched a video and creatives on ‘National Taco Day’ creating abuzz. All the Customers saw a video ad to introduce the new menu. This created awareness about the new Best of Bell menu among Taco Bell’s customers.
Communication 2: Once the awareness was built across the launch of the new Best of Bell Menu, 2nd communication was to build maximum recall for specific menu items. To achieve that, Taco Bell India targeted their customers with their all time favourite products in Taco Bell and with a suggestion of a similar product from the new Best of Bell menu.
Communication 3: The focus of the 3rd and last communication of the campaign was to make the new products of the Best of Bell menu habitual for customers. One way to do that was to make them add their favourite product of the Best of Bell menu as an addon.

Similarly, 10 unique contents were created basedon the each customer’s last order and in this processTaco Bell personalised for their lakhs of customers


Taco Bell garnered 88x ROI on Best of Bell Menu. Almost 1/3rd of Taco Bell orders contain value menu items. We also observed 6x higher conversions with AI driven campaigns vs. blanket campaigns

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