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Xeno Pulse Archive

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Marketing playbook to increase AOV value, GAP's supercharged marketing results & more

How to market lipsticks during lockdown-The L’Oréal way

Another year calls for lots of cheers!

What went wrong with Spotify's new AI update?

What bloomed for retailers this Spring? Case studies, reports, strategies, and more.

What bloomed for retailers this Spring? Case studies, reports, strategies, and more.

Marketing never stops...

How brands like Kaya Clinic, Estée Lauder are embracing digital adoption during the pandemic; Case-studies, Use-cases, and more...

Three lessons from retail's experience with the pandemic; Digital adoption during the second wave

Marketing & Cricket lovers reunite| Hotstar Ad platform, PPC Beginners Guide and More

New Financial year > New Handpicked Resources to win at Marketing 🎁 | Xeno Pulse 60th edition

Power of CRM Behind Amazon's Success, Holi Marketing Campaign Book, and more

48% Of Sales Leaders Say Their CRM System Doesn’t Meet Their Need😞

Google to phase out third-party cookies? Is it the end of targeted ads?🧐

AI to predict your dream holiday destination now? ✈️🏖️

Is personalisation at risk?

'Coz it has always been about loving thy Customers ❤️

Is February in your budget?

The week's up to snow good

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