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The IPL Opportunity

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April 18, 2024

IPL season = Obsession! 🇮🇳 From packed stadiums to living room parties, everyone's glued to the action. But who's REALLY winning? Retailers with the right strategies. Want to know how to turn the 1.8 crore viewership into potential customers? We've got the secret weapons for a winning season! Let's hit it for a SIX! Check out the newsletter below

Hello Hello Hello,

IPL season has taken over the country. Isn’t it?

Fans going crazy. From packed stadiums to lively living rooms, there’s no other festival like this.

And let's not forget about the businesses that thrive during IPL season.

From Street vendors to Big Retailers, everyone wants a piece of the action, making IPL frenzy the perfect opportunity to encash a massive viewership.

And with the 16th season of IPL already underway, let’s look at some of the Googly balls that retailers can play to clean bowl their customers into buying:

Let’s start the innings:

📈 Indian Number Leagues: Stats behind the Stumps

Behind every thrilling match of the (IPL) lies a wealth of fascinating statistics.

  • 80-90% of Retail Sports merchandise sales come from IPL merchandise
  • The total advertising revenue that IPL generates is around 3000 Crore INR offering a massive opportunity for brands to reach a huge audience
  • FICCI has reportedly quoted the economic impact of the IPL to be valued at INR 11,500 crore
  • Food & Beverage industry witnesses a 20% spike in sales every year during IPL

💸 4 ways Retail Brands can turn the 1.8 crore Viewership into Potential Customers:

1. Offer exclusive rewards around IPL for loyalty program members

Incentivize loyalty program members with IPL-related rewards to keep them engaged with the brand during the IPL season.

For Eg: Tanishq ran IPL-themed promotions exclusively for their loyalty program members; offering them a chance to win free gold by participating in IPL activities.

2. Send personalized communications to customers

Send targeted email & SMS campaigns that feature IPL-themed promotions & customize discount coupons based on IPL matches.

For Eg: Zomato & Swiggy offer IPL-based discount coupons to lure & encourage customers to order.

3. Use gamification to drive engagement

Create an online or in-store (Omnichannel) gaming experience that allows customers to win prizes or discounts.

For Eg: Shoppers Stop's 'IPL Fan Quiz' challenges users to answer trivia questions about the IPL and win Shoppers Stop vouchers and other prizes.

4. Offer Limited Edition “Gift with Purchase”

Provide free IPL-themed limited gift on a purchase of product bundles. This will encourage customers to purchase multiple items and increase overall spending.

For Eg: Fastrack created a limited edition IPL-themed watch collection that was offered to customers shopping above a certain amount.

Retailers can use these strategies to lure in customers because remember, IPL may only last a few weeks, but the customer can pay off big time long after finals too!!

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That’s all for today. May your favorite team win.

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