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How Netflix Masters Personalization

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April 25, 2024

"There's no such thing as a 'Netflix show'. Our brand is personalization." –Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer Well, if there’s one company that has revolutionized the customer experience, it’s Netflix. In today's Xeno Pulse edition, we explored how Netflix is using AI & ML to fuel our addiction and what retailers can learn from it

Hello Hello Hello,

Ever feel like Netflix just gets you?🤗

Scrolling endlessly, desperately searching for something to watch. But then, bam! Netflix throws a show or movie your way that seems ripped straight from your brain.

Well, if there’s one company that has revolutionized the customer experience, it’s Netflix.

Back in 2016, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings mentioned that “Over 75% of what people watch on Netflix is discovered through our recommendation system.”

In today's edition, we'll explore how Netflix is using AI & ML to fuel our addiction and what retailers can learn from it👇🏻

🎥Netflix: The Personalization Masterclass

Netflix uses data & AI to create a personalized experience for each of its millions of viewers. Here's how they do it:

🔍Kabhi Data Kabhi Algorithm

The more you watch, the more Netflix learns! They use all sorts of data, from what you watch to how long you scroll, to build a profile just for you. This lets their clever AI suggest shows you'll love, keeping you glued to the screen (and subscribed!).

Dil Chahta Hai Recommendations

Netflix uses viewer data like rankings, search history, ratings, time, date, and device type to create a tabular Recommender System.

Strongest recommendations are displayed prominently within rows and columns, enhancing user coherence and providing valuable feedback for Netflix.

Kuch Kuch Hotpicks Hai

Netflix uses image recognition to analyze user preferences from still images and video frames. This technology identifies objects, moods, and genres users prefer, enabling personalized artwork and marketing tailored to viewer preferences.

For eg: Someone who is a romance buff might want to watch SRK's title in “Dear Zindagi” more than that of Alia Bhatt. Netflix does exactly that based on the user’s behavior.

Right Time Right Stream

Content is King, and has the power to make or break the overall user experience. Netflix uses content to map the success or failure of its recommendations based on how users are liking or disliking them.

What we can understand from all of these is Netflix has mastered the customer experience & besides watching movies – there’s still a lot to learn from it!✋🏽

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