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Stop WhatsApp Spamming

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May 31, 2024

I get it. WhatsApp is the new frontier of customer engagement. But a recent study revealed a scary truth: 67% of customers are overloaded with brand messages!😳 Whatsapp was originally designed to connect with friends and family, not promotional campaigns. If you're not careful, your brand reputation can take a hit. Although, when used strategically, it can be a powerful tool to nurture customer relationships and drive sales.

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In today’s edition:

  • The Secret to Winning on WhatsApp
  • How to Get Customers Buying Online
  • Free Marketing Calendar FY24-25

💬The Secret to Using WhatsApp Without Annoying Everyone

We get it. WhatsApp is the new frontier of customer engagement.

67% of retail customers feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of daily WhatsApp messages from brands.

Here's how to ditch the spam and embrace WhatsApp marketing that gets results:

  • Get Permission First: It all starts with respect.  Always obtain explicit opt-in from customers before adding them to your WhatsApp list.
  • Personalize & Segment: Don't blast everyone with the same message.  Use customer data (purchase history, preferences, location) to send targeted offers and recommendations.
  • Go Beyond Promotions: WhatsApp isn't just for discounts. Use it for order updates, appointment confirmations, loyalty program updates, and exclusive content.
  • Keep it Conversational: Treat WhatsApp like a two-way street.  Respond promptly to inquiries and offer customer support through the platform.
  • Maintain Decent Frequency: Don't bombard customers with daily messages.  Develop a strategic schedule based on customer preferences and campaign goals.

Remember one key rule: Prioritize quality over quantity and relevance over reach.

Get in touch with Xeno’s Whatsapp Marketing Experts

Shift Offline Customers Online in the Scorching Heat

The scorching heat keeps customers indoors, reducing foot traffic in stores. Yet, it's a chance to boost your online presence and adapt to changing habits.

Encouraging your in-store customers to shop online can be as simple as a friendly nudge such as:

  • Online-only discounts: Offer special online-only discounts or free shipping codes encouraging online sales
  • Loyalty Programs: Reward points for online purchases during the summer months.
  • Click-and-Collect Services: Promote a click-and-collect service where customers can order online and pick up in-store quickly, reducing the time they spend in the heat.
  • Referral Rewards: Offer referral discounts where customers earn rewards for recommending your online store to friends and family.

Want to dive deep into these strategies?

Get your hands on our Summer Marketing Playbook here for more hacks

Marketing Calendar for the FY 24-25

Summer is a prime time for retailers to capitalize on cultural and seasonal trends and create campaigns that resonate with consumers. We’ve listed down the possible cultural & seasonal for every month!

Get our FREE Marketing Calendar Excel Template here to access them.

That’s all for today. Happy summers☀️

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