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Why I love Myntra's Loyalty Program

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April 11, 2024

Myntra's 6.8M+ loyalty program members contribute over 40% of sales🤯 They are clearly doing something right with their Insider Loyalty Program! In today's newsletter, we break down why it works & how you can replicate its success for your brand👇🏻

Hello Hello Hello,

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! I hope you had a wonderful day of festivities.

Speaking of treats, guess what I discovered while shopping on Myntra? A surprise three-month free subscription to Spotify through their Insider program.

This got me thinking... I constantly find myself shopping on Myntra, their Insider program is fantastic and definitely keeps me loyal, so I wanted to share why!

This newsletter cracks the code on Myntra's Insider program - why it works and what other retailers can learn. Let's dive in!

👑 What Makes Myntra Insider So Great?

Free to Join: Myntra Insider is free for anyone who shops on the platform. You earn points (SuperCoins) for various activities, not just purchases.

Rewards Beyond Purchases: You can earn points for browsing products, adding items to your wishlist, and even engaging with the app.

Exclusive Perks: Members enjoy early access to sales, free shipping offers, and personalized styling consultations. (P.S. Early access to sales is my favorite - scoring the best deals before everyone else feels amazing!)

Rewards Beyond Myntra: SuperCoins can be redeemed for discounts not only on Myntra but also on partner brands in dining, travel, and entertainment. It extends the value of loyalty beyond fashion.

Tiered Benefits: The program has different tiers that unlock more perks as you shop more. It gives you a sense of progression and motivates you to keep coming back.

By focusing on these aspects, Myntra has created a loyalty program that goes beyond simple discounts. It fosters a sense of community and appreciation for its customer base.

🙇🏻♀️ What Other Retailers Can Learn from Myntra Insider

Gamification: Incorporate elements of play to make earning rewards more engaging and exciting.

Rewarding More Than Purchases: Recognize and reward customer actions that demonstrate brand loyalty, even if they don't lead to immediate sales.

Exclusive Deals and VIP Treatment: Make your loyalty program members feel special with exclusive deals, early access, and personalized perks.

Strategic Partnerships: Partner with complementary brands to offer a wider range of rewards and cater to different customer interests.

Tiered Systems with Clear Value: Create a tiered system with clear benefits at each level. This will give customers something to strive for and keep them engaged.

Easy peasy? It might seem easy, but many brands still struggle to get it right. Need help?

Schedule a FREE Loyalty Consultation with our experts!

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That’s all for today. Happy shopping

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