Learnings From China to Corona-Proof Your Retail Business in India

7 Lessons from China & USA to Corona-Proof Your Restaurant Business

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The need for a multichannel engagement strategy. What is it and why it matters?

How restaurant brands are losing their loyal customers

Top 5 Brands Nailing Cross-Channel Marketing

5 Tips To Launch Effective Loyalty Programs For Your Restaurant

Why you should experiment, and not just follow the industry trends?

5 Brands with the best customer loyalty programmes

There Are Better Coffees! Then Why Do Customers Keep Going Back To Starbucks

Reasons why restaurants and cafés are inclining towards loyalty programmes

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Beginners guide to run FB Ads with Custom Audience

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5 ways to maximize impact with customer feedback

Change the way you think to succeed at digital marketing

Xeno turns 3 | Announces investment from Techstars & METRO

How Technology is Transforming the Restaurant Business

A HIPPO told me “Analytics is not important for a new restaurant”

Your best selling product may not be your best product

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