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March marketing ideas to delight your customers

March marketing ideas to delight your customers
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After the blistering winds of winter settle down and the sun rises a bit more early. It becomes evident that summer is just around the corner. What it also means is the month of march has or is about to start.

Apart from warm weather, it also brings with it a wave of annual sporting events such as Major League Baseball, UFC Championships along with festival and events such as Holi & Women's Day.

Holi-fy your brand marketing to win.

As Holi comes close, the day when lanes across India are smeared in the shades of VIBGYOR. Brand marketers across India prepare themselves for one of the most opportunistic festivals.

Holi is a festival when brands get a chance to go quirky and emotional with their marketing. Some brands go ahead with making memorable campaigns that hit right in the feels, while some brands provide discounts or run contests that delight their customer. Holi presents a great opportunity for brands in the F&B & retail sector. 

In this age of online services, when people prefer to order food from outside rather than making at home during festivals. It becomes essential for brands in the f&B sector to bank on this opportunity to generate more sales and delight their customers.

We know it can be a bit hard to generate new ideas for Holi campaigns. That’s why we have compiled a list of ideas and tactics that F&B brands can implement to delight customers and generate sales as follows:

#1 Make Noise in Advance.

This Holi, start taking pre-orders. This way, your customers will be able to book and forget their worry on what to order after they are done playing Holi.

At the same time, providing you with a bit of idea on how you can plan out your meal preparation better. Enabling you to provide better customer experience by minimising last-minute panic.

#2 Offer Complimentary Snacks & Desserts.

Send out complimentary sweets and snacks such as gujiya or dhokla with every order. Your customers will appreciate and will love your brand even more.

#3 Use Festival Specific Slangs & Hashtags in your communication.

There are boring brands, then there are hip brands. Become the latter one, use slangs and communicate better with the millennial generation. Who is most likely to order from outside during Holi.

Slangs and puns such as “We’re in a holi-day mood”, “Bura na mano Holi hai” and others humanises your marketing communication.

Creating a sub-conscious bond between your brand and your customers. While popular hashtags such as #holihai, #happyholi2020 enable your content to get spread far and wide in the digital ecosphere.

#4 Send out complementary accessories like Pichkari’s and balloons.

Be the brand to actually care for your customers and their dear kids. Send small pichkari and balloons to your customers with every order, they will remember it.

But, more so their kids. And once kids love your brand, their parents will automatically incline towards your brand.

#5 Custom Holi Packaging.

What better way to send out those Holi feels other than packaging that screams colour. Create a memorable packaging with a quirky design, and you’re all set to talk about your packaging and festive spirit apart from the scrumptious order you prepare and send to your customers.

#5 Show that you care.

Retail brands can sell face-wash and body care kit with a marketing communication that focuses on how users can use these products to clean colours off their skin.

#6 Put social media to work.

Run social media campaigns that motivate your customers to do certain tasks such as clicking selfies with your product and posting on social media with a specific hashtag in exchange for a gift.

This kind of contest works very well and enables your brand to increase it reaches while at the same time making new prospective customers aware of your product.

#7 Curate After-Holi Party Looks.

After Holi parties are a new trend, which is getting very popular. Create an After-Party Holi look for your customers balancing the ethnic vibes of Holi and night revel vibes of having an after-party.

#8 After Holi Relaxation Therapy.

Salons and spas can offer after-Holi spa therapy, that allows your customers to relax their muscles a bit and soak themselves in the calmness of having the therapy of their lives.

Empower women around you

At the same time, we also have Women’s day coming up on 8th March. Which proposes to be a big opportunity for brands involved in the retail sector to start delivering marketing campaigns that delight their customers.

Retail brands can showcase their care for a social cause of women empowerment. At the same time, they can delight their female customers to become more connected to the brand. Walking them a step ahead on the buyer journey towards making them a brand loyalist.

To make it easy for brands, we have compiled a list of types and examples of campaigns, brands can deliver before and on women’s day to achieve their marketing goals as follows

#1 Offer exclusive Discounts.

Making your customers feel special is one the best type of marketing a brand can pull off. Cause once they feel special, they are more bound to tell about your brand to others. So, start women exclusive discounts to celebrate their day with the best shopping experience.

#2 Create special offers.

Create compelling offers for women who bring along their friends to your outlet. This way, you have a better chance of generating more sales and delighting more customers. In the process, making it easy to convert them into brand ambassadors.

#3 Do Something Good.

Commit to contributing at least 5% of your sales towards a women empowerment cause. Show that you care and hit a nite in the heart of your customers. This will make them appreciate your brand more, and they will be proud to buy from you as a part of it is going towards a good cause.

#4 Celebrate the Women in your team.

At last, don’t forget to celebrate the women in your team. They work hard towards making your brand a success. With many juggling responsibilities as a mother and as a wife. Show that you care for them, and post how you are they are making a difference to your brand on social media.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s it. The month of March brings with it opportunities for brands to acquire new customers, delight old ones, and gain recognition. And once a brand succeeds in it. They truly become a great brand.

If we missed anything, please do share with us in the comments below. And if you like these ideas, tell us which of these strategies you plan to put to use.

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