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5 ways to maximize impact with customer feedback

5 ways to maximize impact with customer feedback
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We were always resisting building a product for customer feedback, but a year back tons of clients started calling & emailing us that they want to start capturing customer feedback through Xeno itself since we’re already running marketing campaigns to the same set of customers.All of these customers were already capturing customer feedback, a few through a separate solution, but mostly with paper-based feedbacks form. Yes, they still exist in the digitized world of 2018.So to enable our brands to improve their customer experience, we decided to build a feature to enable our customers to capture feedback & integrate that feedback into the customer's profiles they managed on Xeno.We have been so surprised by the benefits of feedback and the integral role it plays in defining the customer experience & improving customer retention. That’s why today, we’re sharing 5 key ways we’ve found you can use the feedback you already collect to maximize benefit towards your customer & your business.

1. Solve customer issues in real-time

95% of unhappy customers will return to a business if their problem gets

One of the simplest ways to satisfy unhappy customers is by action quickly. Using digitised feedback, an email or SMS notification can be sent in real-time to the person in charge, the moment the poor feedback is received so that they can speak to the customer on the spot and resolve the issue.This is the email that gets sent to the restaurant manager at Bercos for a dine-in order or to the customer support team in case of a delivery order.

2. Keep your service consistent across outlets

As you’re scaling, you end up opening a lot of outlets, really fast. Sometimes, that means service gets comprised in the short run. By collecting & segmenting the feedback outlet wise you can figure out in a matter of minutes at any time if the service or food quality levels are dropping at a particular outlet.

3. Capture more & cleaner customer data

When customers visit an outlet or order via a call, a staff member add their name to your billing system. That name, in many cases, is incorrect. Using feedback forms, you can ask customers to re-correct their names, get their email id’s, birthdays and anniversaries in exchange for a benefit.This leads to cleaner customer data and more marketing opportunities that will lead to a higher ROI. A billion Smiles, a Bangalore headquartered restaurant chain always asks customers to verify their name & share their birthdays through the feedback forms.

4. Know which customer acquisition channels work

You spend a lot of money trying to acquire customers from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zomato, TripAdvisor, Little Black Book, pamphlets etc. and customers even hear about through word of mouth.So, how do you know which marketing channel worked for you? Simple. Just ask customers.Getafix runs a feedback survey to find out how they heard and Getafix and uses that information to guide marketing spends.

5. Improve marketing ROI

Finally, by integrating the feedback data to your CRM & marketing automation suite, you can deliver personalized communications to customers based on their previous experience.For example, we could send a campaign specifically targeted at customers who had a poor experience in their last order.Instead of sending everyone the same campaign, this simple level of personalization based on their previous orders feedback improves campaign conversions.At Xeno, we’re always looking for ways to enable brands to delight their customers & feedback is now playing a super important role in that vision.

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