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How Swiggy sent customers an appraisal email using personalization to achieve customer delight

How Swiggy sent customers an appraisal email using personalization to achieve customer delight
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Swiggy's latest email marketing campaign became a hot topic on Twitter. Everyone was talking about it. Literally everyone.

Are you wondering how an email marketing campaign (that most customers usually just ignore) suddenly became the talk of the town? It's because of the Swiggy marketing campaign connected to the emotions of working-class heroes like me by talking about appraisals.

What's so refreshing about this email is not just the overall theme of appraisal but, the personalized content that we could relate to.

Everyone loves to see their stats, and nothing is better than gazing at your own eating behaviour. Ultimately this Swiggy campaign delighted customers & it's going to make them more loyal to the brand in the long run.

Customer delight is exceeding a customer's expectations to create a positive customer experience and a sense of good-will that will make them more likely to be loyal to a brand for a long-term.


Can you create customer delight like this for your brand using personalization?

As a marketer, we all want to delight our customers. That's the holy grail of marketing. But can you create a personalized campaign like Swiggy that delights customers without the resources of a company like Swiggy?

In a word, YES and in this article I'll show you how by walking you step by step through the entire Swiggy campaign.

Creating a 360-degree customer profile

First of all, the basis of the email campaign Swiggy ran was simply building a 360-degree customer profile where they built each customer profile based on the customers eating behaviour, dishes and cuisines they order, time of the day they order & the restaurants they order from, etc.

To understand the profiling better let's do a quick breakdown of Swiggy's email.

1. Preferred time of the day to order

Swiggy analyzed all my orders and put them in 4 buckets: morning, afternoon, evening and late night based on the time of the order. The bucket with the most number of orders is my most preferred time to order.

Interestingly, this data is already available in your CRM data today. Sounds so simple, but this enables you to understand every customer's persona.

Data doesn't lie as I have been a night owl throughout my life & this communication resonated strongly with me.

Pro Tip#1: Using your customers most preferred time to order, you can send them marketing campaigns around that time. Pushing an ad to a customer at their preferred time increases conversion by 19%.


2. Cuisines we order

Swiggy mapped every dish we order to a cuisine. Then the simply calculated the percentage of the cuisines that I've ordered vs. all the available cuisines.

In my case, I've ordered 68% of the cuisines at least once. I like to believe that I'm a foodie and when Swiggy reinforced that idea with a clever presentation it made me happy.

Pro Tip#2: A campaign promoting dishes of your customer's favorite cuisines can really delight your customers.

3. Choice of restaurants

A simple count of the number of unique restaurants that one ordered from makes up this section. In your case, you could reach out to a customer with the no. of outlets they've visited or the number of times they've visited to enable them to understand their loyalty to your brand.

Pro Tip#3: Personalise campaigns using your customer's favorite outlet can boost campaign conversions.

4. Spending Patterns

A section showcasing the value proposition of Swiggy, and an acknowledgement of the amount of money I saved using Swiggy. A great way to endorse my decision of choosing Swiggy over other food delivery apps. Similarly, you can let customers know the amount of money they've saved with your brand through sales or coupons over the years.

Pro Tip#4: By understanding customers spending patterns you can customize offers based on which offers they're more likely to use.

If you have noticed the breakdown, you'll realize that most of the data points are already available to every marketer. You can easily create segments of customers based on:

  1. Their Choice of Cuisine and dishes
  2. Time of the day when they order the most
  3. Outlets from where they ordered the most
  4. Amount spent by each customer

Why Swiggy's marketing team used AI for personalization

Even though you already have these data points available, it's hard to actually execute campaigns so specific to customers since it would take weeks or maybe even months for any marketing manager just to set up just a single campaign like this.

Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to do the same activity in hours instead of months.

That's one of the reasons why Swiggy has recently announced the acquihire of, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up that applies deep learning.

Using their AI technology, Swiggy is becoming one of the few brands in India that excel in the area of marketing personalization.

Swiggy is joining the likes of Amazon, Google, and Netflix, to leverage Artificial Intelligence to strengthen its marketing effort. And Why Not?

86% of consumers reporting that personalization plays an important role in their purchase decisions

As a quick summary, AI can enable you to create personalized marketing campaigns to delight customers just like Swiggy did, with the data points you already have :)

If you liked the breakdown of the Swiggy campaign, please do share it on social media & subscribe to our blog to learn more about how brands are using AI to personalize their marketing campaigns.

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