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Top 5 Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing this week (AI-Mark Weekly)

Top 5 Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing this week (AI-Mark Weekly)
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Hello Marketers,  

Over the years the idea of using Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of life has been talked about and written everywhere on the internet. While a couple of years ago only a few super nerdy publications used to talk about it. Today, it's all over the internet. For Instance, it's unbelievable to know that the Washington Post produced over 850 news pieces with AI in 2017.  

AI- Mark weekly is a project I picked up, after going through 100s of articles based on Artificial Intelligence and its advent on marketing for my work. I got overwhelmed with amount of noise that can  be on internet for such niche topic. I believe curating and summarising some of the best articles on the internet will help you save time and keep a track on all the trends.

Thanks for landing to the first ever edition of AI-Mark Weekly.  It's going to be a Weekly curation of all the latest trends of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , their application on Marketing and Customer Engagement.

1. The Death Of Fluff: How Marketers Need To Use AI

Prayag Narula, the co-founder of Leadgenius, an AI-driven lead generation product, wrote this article. The Impactful headline with a lot of urgency and threat really stood out. 

Here, he wrote about how the rise of artificial intelligence will make mass production of lightweight content like listicles, regurgitated infographics and easily disguised promotions within blog posts will no more help marketers to gain traction from their Users. Its high time to understand customers behavior at a deeper level and deliver more relevant content.

Moreover, Prayag emphasized the need to provide value to their audience via marketing activities. He urged the marketers and companies to think deeply and critically and produce truly valuable content using the power of AI. Some strategic ways marketers to use AI on Email Marketing, Chatbots and Pragmatic Advertising

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2. Artificial Intelligence is Your Superpower

Dayle Hall, Chief Marketing Officer of, an AI platform for Enterprise Sales, Marketing and Customer Success, writes about how AI can be every marketer's very own super-power. As in his own words,  "AI can automate processes and analyze data to quickly generate insights and analysis that earlier needed many people and a lot of time. So, is it really that far of a stretch to say that AI can be a superpower?” 

He adovactes on how saving our valuable time is the greatest resource you can have and how reducing time over sales cycle, managing more salespeople, spending more time customers are vital to have more revenue, more customer insights and predicting customers need in advance.  AI will allow you to save time, increase sales effectiveness, gain insight and automate many processes, thus making you a superhero at your work. 

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3. AI: The New Normal In Digital Marketing

The Author underlines the fact that the usage of Artificial Intelligence is no more a luxury. It's a mandate for marketers to stay above the competition today. As Rightly said, Digital Marketing is all about harnessing the power of data to create campaigns that are personalized to fit the desires and interests of the customers. Interacting with the customers at the right time on the right platform with the right content is the need of the hour. 

2018 will be remembered as the year when Artificial intelligence (AI) moved away from hype and predictions surrounding it to actual adoption and implementation. 

BW Online Bureau

However, the challenge is to understand the seemingly increasing number of data that is being generated by the user at the real time. AI is just the right tool to solve the problem, as it is humanly impossible to achieve it. It is no less than a nightmare for human teams to crunch such humongous amount of data into actionable insights and tweak the ad strategies on multiple platforms simultaneously in real time.

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4. 'Did you see that billboard, or was it just me': The personalised future of advertising

In the first three articles, we have realized the advent of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing, let's shift our focus to Offline Marketing. Killian Woods, an expert in economic, financial and IT trends, writes about personalised billboards and the $40 billion marketing potential of Alexa – the next stage in the advertising revolution. 

Personalized ads are the norm online and but billboards in few countries are starting to get very personal. Our users are leaving a ton of Data with every click, scroll, and swipe, which gives us the opportunity to make ads more relevant and personal to consumers. In other words, its not very far when we will see the application of AI on our physical world

Killian talks about how few dystopian TV series like Netflix's Black Mirror gave us the concept of personalized billboards – which change based on who is viewing them. It's interesting to know how the famous billboard in London’s Piccadilly Circus, for example, is already tracking who is watching.

The next big thing according to him is the advertising on data centric-voice tech sectors.  Alexa and Google home devices are quickly becoming popular consumer device. The voice tech space is a relatively untapped area so far for advertisers, but that’s about to change, believes Killian. He writes about how advertisers can be hugely benefited from the emergence of new platforms backed by the best Tech companies of the world.

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5. By Humanizing Brands With AI, Common Marketing Issues Will Cease

Julia Seed, VP of Marketing, Invoca writes about how AI can humanize Brands in their marketing approach. Humanizing using AI although sound counteriniuitive at first, but this article makes a point how AI can help your brand feel more real and more human.

Brands are shifting from being too transactional. Amazon who are known for their super personalised recommendation are also testing a system to make product recommendations more intuitive. Financial Institutions who are also known to be more transactional brands are also not far behind. TD Ameritrade, a US-based Stock trading company is AI-powered bot asks them personality-minded and breaks down the individual according to traits like openness, aggressiveness, neuroticism, etc. Then it provides tailored, investment-based information to the user. 

She stresses on how AI can be used to optimize your ad budget. Google recently revealed that ads improved upon by machine learning get 15 percent more clicks. She also writes about how AI Algorithms can help create relationship of your user and the product. 

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That's All from this week, See you Next Week. 👋

P.S  If you want to implement AI on your Brands Marketing Activities,  please free to reach out to me at or you can go through our website to know more about it.

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