State of Retail CRM in Middle East

Like many aspects of marketing in the digital era, CRM is an area of tremendous opportunity that is often talked about but rarely done well. Embracing this discipline involves overcoming challenges and complexities that have prevented many retailers from realizing their true vision.

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middle east state of retail crm

About the Report

Team Xeno partnered with 1000s of top retail brands & groups from The Middle East to decode the common challenges faced by marketers today & how can we solve them. We have compiled all our learnings & insights after multiple rounds of discussions with retail CEOs, CIOs & CMOs into this report to enable brands to adapt to a customer-first approach & provide the best customer experience.

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About the Report

  • The Evolution of CRM

  • Why is there a need for CRM in the first place?

  • Today’s CRM Landscape

  • What do your customers really want?
    > Data Management
    > Deeper Customer Understanding
    > Relevant Personalised Campaigns

  • 5 focus areas behind a successful CRM strategy

  • How to Choose the Right CRM for your Brand?

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