Campaign Playbook for December

❄️Make Your Brand Holiday Ready For This Winter Season❄️

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It’s time to Sleigh the Holiday Season  ❄️

The winters in December carry a festive feeling. It’s the time when people arein the most joyous mood to celebrate the last days of the year and welcomethe new one with enthusiasm.

The great thing about holidays & the festive season is that you don’t need to convince yourcustomers to shop. They are more than ready to spend their money & shop. It’s only a matter of which brand will get their business.

With so much competition in the industry, don’t be just another brand offering a generic sale with a generic campaign. That would be rude-olph you.This guide will help you navigate through some of the best campaign ideas & strategies to let your brand shine just like the tinsel of your Christmas Tree. 🎄

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Sneak-Peek into the Guide

There are a few questions that you need to answer before you get started with your Year-end or Holiday campaigns that include:

  • What customers to target?

  • What products to promote?

  • What channels to use?

  • What is your communication strategy?

The guide below will help you navigate the above questions & to plan your campaign strategically using The Right Segmentation & The Right Messaging.

  • Learnings from top industry leaders for the winter season

  • Strategies to Boost Repeat Sales with better targeting & personalized targeting
    - How to Segment your customers the right way
    - How to get your communication right

  • What channels to use?

  • Campaign ideas from top retail brands like Amante, Sephora, Colorbar, etc

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