Personalised Marketing in Today’s Privacy Conscious World

Scaling your business with personalised marketing while ensuring customer data privacy.

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personalised marketing in privacy world

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Personalised marketing improves customer experience while making businesses more profitable. Though promising, many brands fail at personalised marketing. With some personalising marketing way too much to appear borderline creepy to the consumers. While others settle by only adding a first name to their customer communication emails.

Develop personalisation skills

Prioritising your data

Learn “Know me to Help Me” approach to market to your customers

Learn to Deliver Content and Ads that Conquer

Understand how to ensure customer data privacy


Of people never delete cookies on their browser to protect their privacy


Don’t know how they can secure information in their email


Believe that current laws are not enough in protecting privacy rights


People talk to people on social media that they don’t know


Of teens have experienced online bullying & harassment

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