Lockdown Report 2021

The State of Retail May vs March 2021

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covid lockdown report

About the Report

2021 started on a positive note with things getting better, customers started coming back to stores and things were finally going back to normal. Then the 2nd wave of COVID-19 hit us & we were once more locked down. However, the good news was we had already gone through this stage once, so retailers were more certain and more prepared this time, at least some of them, if not all. 

2020 was the year of digital transformation. The retailers who transformed & made themselves customer-ready were able to maximize their revenue during this second wave. Trust us when we say this, the transformation has just begun :)

In this guide you'll learn

1. The State of Retail May vs March 2021

2. Industry wise % of Sales (May 2021 vs March 2021)

3. State of Brands who invested in E-Commerce before COVID

4. Revenue contribution from existing customers across brands in different industries

5. Performance of Facebook ads during time

6. Winning campaign idea for brands

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