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Xeno’s EOSS Rockstars

Xeno’s EOSS Rockstars
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March 31, 2022

End-of-Season Sale campaigns are always a great way to lure your customers. In a country like India where the season changes every 3 months, retailers always gear up for end-of-season-sale to increase their sales.

End-of-Season Sale campaigns are always a great way to lure your customers. In a country like India where the season changes every 3 months, retailers always gear up for end-of-season-sale to increase their sales. The interesting fact here is that not every retailer is able to emerge as a winner.

As much as customers love shopping for discounted products, they want to feel special. One has to treat their loyal customers differently offering them the best shopping experience & having the right strategy to convert first-time customers to repeat ones.

Here’s how brands at Xeno made the best use of their End-Of-Season-Sale Campaigns:

✨ Colorbar’s limited period offer campaign generated an uplift of 25%

An offer becomes more attractive for consumers when it’s bound by time because we’re afraid to miss out on a good opportunity. That’s exactly what Colorbar banked upon for its EOSS campaign generating an uplift of 25% in campaign conversions.

🎁 Lotto’s gift with purchase offer generated an uplift of 36%

A gift with a purchase offer is the perfect way to maximize sales while maintaining desired price points. Lotto ran a GWP campaign for all of its customers generating a 36% uplift in conversion and an ROI 180x.

👥 Chumbak generated an uplift of 49% using persona-based targeting

Chumbak targeted its customer base by creating various segments based on their favorite category and discount personas. This ensured that each campaign was personalized & targeted to every specific individual which lead to an uplift of 49% in campaign conversins

🛍 Amante’s Volume Discount Campaign generated an ROI of 111X

The more you buy, the more you save! This discount is very popular in the apparel industry — especially for high-end retailers who are looking to incentivize shoppers to convert with them & purchase more than they usually would. The campaign performed wonders for Amante generating an ROI of 111X

🎽 G3+ Fashion’s category based personalization lead to an ROI of 395X

G3+ Fashions targeted its customer base based on their favorite product category & subcategory for its EOSS campaign leading to an ROI of 395X.

😍 Rituals Cosmetics multi-lingual campaign generated an ROI of 24X

Rituals ran multi-lingual campaigns during its End of Season Sale based on the preferred usage of language by the customer. The customers who preferred English over Arabic received campaigns in their preferred language & vice-versa. The major focus of the campaign was to make it as personalized as it could. All of the campaigns were based upon the specific country that was receiving the campaign where each one of them had different country-wise URLs.

🍼Product Personalisation by Me n Moms generated an ROI of 57X

Me N Moms Pvt. Ltd. is a brand that caters to kids between the age of 0-3 years. This means they have a customer for only 3 years.  To make the best out of these 3 years, Xeno followed a 3-step process:

  • Identify the active set of customers
  • Map the products against the needs of any pregnant woman or a parent with a child depending on the age group
  • Target the clusters separately to ensure that they reach out to the customers with the most relevant products.  

🤑 Tommy Hilfiger targetted its customers based on their product & discount personas generating an ROI of 44x

Levis decided to target its customer base by segmenting them as low discount seekers & high discount seekers. This customer segment was further divided as per their favorite product category in order to send highly personalized campaigns leading to an ROI of 44x.

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