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Hey there! Retail Brands are using Whatsapp.

Hey there! Retail Brands are using Whatsapp.
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December 17, 2021

Discover how retail brands are leveraging the power of WhatsApp to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth. Explore the various ways in which WhatsApp can be used as a valuable communication and marketing channel for retailers. From personalized customer interactions to seamless order tracking, learn how WhatsApp can revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. Discover best practices, success stories, and practical tips to effectively utilize WhatsApp for your retail business. Stay ahead of the curve and harness the potential of this popular messaging platform.

We book a ticket at BookMyShow and the next minute get a communication from the brand on the confirmation. Ever wondered how?

Out of 4 billion people, 68% are on Whatsapp messaging platforms and 61% prefer messaging over E-mails. They want instant responses and brands like BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip and PayTm are already using Whatsapp API to solve this problem!

But how does it help your brand? What value does it bring on your plate? 

Mid-level and Large portfolio brands having call-centres for interacting with their customers are suffering because of COVID-19 and a lot of these customers are requesting messaging as a channel for communication. The big reason being- Social Distancing. Customers at this stage don’t want to bother visiting the physical stores frequently.

And here’s a deal for all these brands! Pandemic got most of the major brands in India to move on the cloud because it proves to be the most affordable and scalable means and the quantifiable value being 60% reduction in the cost.

Lightspeed bikes based out of Ahmedabad in Gujarat builds electric mobility solutions and have been using Whatsapp as a conversational tool since the start. 50% of the brand’s sales came through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp API integration has been a boon to the Mid-size and Large-size brands, says Chandu Reddy, Director of Sangeetha Mobiles having 650 stores across India.

According to him, the multiple chat feature in Whatsapp API has eased most of the problems, customers are now happy to reach out to the brands instantly through Whatsapp. The second best thing? Chatbot. Chatbot reduces the effort in ensuring constant communication with customers.

Here’s a BONUS for you!

Brands can also integrate their Whatsapp API with their CRM. Woah, in a present world where retention is the new acquisition, now we can directly interact with our customers and know their preferences through CRM seamlessly!

Be with your customers throughout their journey from Marketing to Sales to Support and see an increase in the marketing conversion rate by at least 50%.

With Whatsapp, brands need to think Transactional. Marry Promotional marketing with Transactional.

Xeno doesn’t mind helping you with the vows!

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