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Why Gamify Retail?

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September 21, 2023

Ever noticed how quickly our attention spans vanish in the digital age? Less than 30 seconds! 😅 The very reason why brands need to think of ways to keep their customers hooked to their websites. That's where Gamification swoops in, not just as a buzzword but as a super-effective way to keep our customers captivated and returning for more. Check out this week's Xeno Pulse as we decode some of the best gamification examples used by top brands and giveaway strategies you can possibly use.

Hello Hello Hello,

It's that festive time of year, and you know what that means? Shopping!

Seriously, who doesn't love a good shopping spree? It's practically therapeutic! 😌

Well, shopping isn't just about buying stuff anymore; it's an experience. But what's even more exciting is how brands are stepping up their game, literally! And one way in which they do so is ‘Gamification’!🎮

Consider some of the biggest brands like Amazon or Myntra – with a pool of games & rewards, they don’t just want to sell products; they want to immerse customers in a captivating journey.

In this edition, we'll explore how retail brands are mastering gamification to win us over. Plus, we'll check out some cool examples.

So skip everything aside; let’s start playing:

🕹️ The Power of Gamification in Retail!

With customers having an attention span of less than 30 seconds, it has become a necessity for brands to think of ways to keep their customers hooked to their websites.

In such situations, Gamification isn't just limited to being a buzzword, but a mind-blowing strategy to keep the customers coming back for more.🤯

The stats speak for themselves:

👉🏽 70% of brands in India are using gamification to engage customers

👉🏽 Gamification increases customer lifetime value by 30%

👉🏽 80% of Indian millennials & Gen Z find gamification appealing

Now the question is “How are brands achieving these mind-boggling numbers?”🤔

Let’s keep scrolling:

😎 Shop. Play. Repeat – Best Retail Gamification Campaigns!

Here are some examples of Indian Retail Brands that have aced the gamification challenge:

Nike Run Club

Nike's Nike Run Club app, gamifies running and fitness tracking by awarding badges and setting challenges for users based on their physical activity, fostering a dedicated community of fitness enthusiasts.

Burger King's Whopper Detour

Burger King's "Whopper Detour" campaign encouraged customers to download their mobile app and order a Whopper for just one cent if they were within 600 feet of a McDonald's restaurant.

Pepperfry's Virtual Room Planner

Pepperfry launched a room planner tool that allowed customers to visualize furniture in their homes. This innovative gamification approach led to a 20% increase in conversion rates, as reported by ET Retail.

Starbucks Rewards Programs

The Starbucks Rewards program gamifies the coffee-buying experience where customers earn stars for each purchase and can unlock different membership levels with various perks. Starbucks also runs limited-time challenges and events that encourage customers to visit stores and try new products.

Zara's In-Store AR Experience

Zara incorporated augmented reality (AR) into its in-store experience. Shoppers could use the Zara AR app to see models wearing Zara clothing, virtually trying on clothes, and enhancing the shopping experience with gamified elements.

🖐🏽 5 Must-Use CRM Gamification Strategy You Can Use:

Long story short, let's take a closer look at 5 CRM strategies Retailers can incorporate into their customer journey to enhance engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Loyalty Programs with Gamified Elements

Implement a comprehensive loyalty program that incorporates gamification to encourage repeat purchases. Offer customers points, badges, and rewards for various actions, such as making purchases, referring friends, or writing reviews.

Virtual Try-On with AR

Integrate augmented reality (AR) technology into your app to enable customers to virtually try on products. Whether it's eyeglasses, makeup, or furniture, AR shopping offers an immersive experience that enhances engagement and builds confidence in purchasing decisions.

Interactive Mobile Apps

Develop interactive mobile apps that use gamification to captivate customers. Create engaging games or challenges within your app, such as a "Spin and Win" game or trivia quizzes. Reward users with discounts, vouchers, or exclusive offers for participating.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Place QR codes strategically throughout your store, allowing customers to scan them for exclusive discounts, product information, or even clues to a larger in-store contest.

Feedback and Surveys with Rewards

Encourage customers to provide feedback and complete surveys by offering rewards. Gamify the process by turning it into a competition with prizes for the most valuable feedback or creative suggestions. This not only gathers valuable insights but also boosts engagement.

And the possibilities of gamification are truly endless. Go creative, go crazy, and create unforgettable experiences for your customers that leave a lasting impact.

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That’s all for today!

If you want us to cover a specific topic, do write us by replying to this email and we’ll 💡simply do that for you!

Until next time!

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