💡What does Harry Potter & Amazon have in common

August 31, 2022

Hello there muggles,

Let’s all be honest, who all hoped to receive an invitation letter from Hogwarts attendance letter on their 11th birthday?

Well, it was a dream for all the kids back then.

I remember memorizing all the Harry Potter spells & testing them out on my sibling with the hope of them working. (Just sibling things :P)

While we are on the topic of spells, do you know Amazon was almost named ‘CADABRA’😳

like the magic term ‘abracadabra’

Today’s edition is gonna be about Amazon & its game of data.👑

Let’s find more:

🤯Amazon and its obsession with ‘DATA!’

When it comes to data collection, Amazon is the undefeated champion in gathering, saving, sorting, and reviewing its customer’s data!😮

Why do they do it?

Simple logic: To determine how the consumers are spending their money and thus executing targeted marketing campaigns.

The goal: to achieve customer satisfaction & build loyalty.

While what Amazon does may sound a bit like stalking,

We’ve decoded how using data has helped Amazon evolve into a big online retail giant.

Let's understand together:

🖐🏼5 ways How Amazon Collects & Uses Your Data:

In order to make any decisions that include analyzing the data, the first step is to collect them. Here’s how Amazon collects customer data:

  1. Personalized Recommendations System:

The company analyzes the pattern & behavior of consumers from (a) Previously Purchased Items (b) Items in their Cart or Wishlist (c) Items reviewed or rated by customers and; (d) Most searched products.

Then Amazon uses this information to recommend additional products that are being purchased from other users with the same items.

2. Order within 30 Minutes; One Click Ordering:

In a world where competition is at its peak, Amazon cleverly created a competitive strategy. One-click ordering system allows users to automatically purchase anything without having to constantly enter shipping and billing information.

A product is automatically charged after 30 mins wait time; What an Idea Sirji!😎

3. The Next Day Delivery Model:

Next Day delivery, is definitely the life savior for end-moment buyers like me. This is made possible through Amazon's licensed anticipatory delivery model, which analyzes customer data to predict what & when they’re going to buy.

This way the stock or inventory is prepared beforehand to get dispatched.

4. The ‘Kindle’ Highlight; Book’s way of collecting data

Amazon acquiring Goodreads was a big deal! What’s much bigger than that is the data mine that Amazon stores in form of text highlights.

The notes & highlights that a customer makes on kindle is further used to analyze the behavior and thus recommend ebooks that the customer is most likely to purchase.

5. Look who ‘hears’ your data: Alexa!

We all wish people around us would be as smart as the virtual assistant, Alexa. But to our surprise, what may look like just a simple voice command device, also is being used to constantly capture our data.

Many of us don’t realize that our voice commands are being recorded and thus monitored.

So the next time you talk to Alexa .. don’t say Hi from my end!🥲

🧑🏽 💻Tech Giants & the Big Race of Collecting Data

Well, It's not just Amazon, but other big techies like Google, Twitter, and even Netflix collect a massive chunk of their consumer data:

No alt text provided for this image
  • Google collects 39 different types of data from their customer
  • Twitter fetches 24 different types of data from customer
  • Next in the race is Amazon, with 23 categories & approx 1 exabyte of purchase history data
  • Facebook captures around 14 kinds of data when you use the platform
  • Last but not least Apple🍎 with 12 different classes of data

📚Story of the Week: How Mad-Over-Donuts & Tacobell went from 0% to ~ 85% data collection with Xeno

Consolidating customer data is a major struggle for brands & marketers!😪 But those who master this, succeed in acquiring customer loyalty.

The same is true for our clients Mad Over Donuts and Taco Bell. From having 0% data collection to creating a custom process with Xeno’s CRM, which resulted in approx 85% data capture in just 3 months, it was a Big Big Win.😎

Read the full story & strategies here:

🥳Xeno Page on LinkedIn Crossed 40,000 Followers

No hooting but it's still a big achievement for us. However, we surely would look for a grand celebration at 50,000! A surprise awaits.❤️

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That’s all for today. Hope you have a killer week. 💪🏼

To all the Harry Potter fans, reply back with your crazy Harry Potter stories & let’s get talking.

Until next time,

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