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Loyalty Programs: Failing or Flying High?

loyalty programs
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August 24, 2023

How do you know if your loyalty program is working or not?🤔 And if it's not, what should you do about it? These are some of the questions that we've discussed in today's edition of XenoPulse. Ready to understand the galaxy of loyalty programs? Let's dive in:

Hello Hello Hello,

Did you watch the live streaming of Chandrayaan -3 landing on the moon yesterday?

What a proud moment for us all! 🫡

picture of Chandrayaan -3 landing on the moon

On that note, today we have decided to dive into the galaxy of loyalty programs and uncover ways to :

  1. Know if your Loyalty Program is really working
  2. If it's not what should you do about it

Are you ready? Let's dive right in:

🧮 Loyalty Program ROI Calculator by Xeno:

Loyalty programs are more than just giving rewards to customers.

They are about nurturing relationships, boosting customer retention, and driving substantial revenue growth.

But how do you know if your loyalty program is living up to its full potential?🤔

Check out our Loyalty Calculator to get some reality checks right now. Just fill in a few business numbers and calculate the impact in 2 seconds. It’s that easy.

loyalty ROI calculator

< Get the Loyalty Calculator Here >

Here are some additional resources to help you achieve your Loyalty Targets:

🖐🏽 5 Key Features of the Top Loyalty Management Software

If you want to retain customers, one of the best strategies is to start a loyalty program for your business. But here’s the crux – Finding the best loyalty management software that can help you expand your business and know your audience even better is NOT THAT EASY!

Our blog dives deeper into the best features of loyalty software to help you navigate and select the right program for your business. Take a look at << 5 Key Features of the Top Loyalty Management Software >> here 👈🏽

🤔 What customers expect from loyalty programs

Does your loyalty program feel like it's not hitting the mark? Maybe not excite your customers who are expecting exciting perks and getting lackluster rewards instead. Well, you’re not alone!! 83% of brands today face the same challenges.

Our blog dives deep into the nitty-gritty details of what today’s digital customer expects from loyalty programs and spills the beans for brands to step up their game. Take a look at << 5 things customers expect from a Brand’s Loyalty Program >>

🛍️ 5 Brands with the Best Customer Loyalty Programs

Now that we’re well aware of how customer loyalty works and how it should be created, let’s have a look at the top 5 brands that are nailing their customer loyalty game and what other retailers can learn from it.

Read here << Top 5 brands with the most effective Customer Loyalty Programmes >>

That’s all for today!

P.S. Long time since we have heard back from our readers.🥲

If you want us to cover a specific topic, do write us by replying to this email and we’ll make sure to simply do that for you!

Until next time!

Marketing & Content Strategist

Anisha Arora is an experienced Marketing & Content Professional who often breaks down complex topics for readers here. She collaborates with various teams to seamlessly combine different viewpoints and knowledge about customer retention, CRM, loyalty, and marketing technology. When she's not working, you'll find Anisha sipping coffee and binge-watching her favorite TV shows.


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