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January & February Hacks for Mega Success!

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January 11, 2024

Wondering how to beat the post-holiday sales slump? I've got just the right thing for you. We've got the ultimate game plan for January and February to keep those sales soaring! 📈 Check out this week's edition of Xeno Pulse for tried and tested hacks for these 2 months. P.S. Also get your hands on Xeno's Retail Marketing Calendar 2024 Google Sheet to unlock similar insights for EVERY month. Link inside

Hello Hello Hello,

Feeling the New Year blues?

Let's face it, January and February are rough for retail. After the holiday frenzy, things tend to slow down.

But they don’t necessarily have to right?

Here’s your game plan for the next two months to keep that sales momentum going:

🤑 Your game plan for January and February :

January: The post-Holiday Lull

January is all about that final push for the End of Season Sale (EOSS). The holidays might be over, but it's the perfect time for a savvy move. Reconnect with your dormant or lapsed customers. Woo them back with exclusive deals that reignite their interest. It's simple yet powerful. 💎Hidden gems of the month:

  • 12th Jan: National Youth DayOffer student discounts and target the GenZ audience for the day.
  • 13th Jan: LohriTarget traditional wear, sweets, and gifting options.

February: Love is Great, Sales Might Not Be

Love is in the air, but sometimes, sales might not reflect that romantic vibe. Budgets are still recovering, and romance doesn't translate to overflowing shopping carts (unless you're selling diamonds, then cha-ching!).

Channel the love! Capitalize on the romantic spirit by encouraging both low-ticket and high-ticket buyers to impress their partners with your offerings. Craft campaigns that highlight the perfect experiences or products for couples, catering to different genders.

💎Hidden gems of the month:

  • 9th Feb: Pizza DayOffer classic BOGO deals for a limited time on popular pizza combinations.
  • 13th Feb: Galentine's DayPromote Galentine's specials & self-love kits campaigns alongside Valentine-themed campaigns for a Valentine's beyond the clichés.
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P.S. Don’t forget to let us know how you find the calendar helpful.

That’s all for today. See you next week.

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