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How Restaurants Keep You Hooked

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March 22, 2024

How would you feel if Happy Hours offers were being sent to your underage kids? Pretty concerning, isn't it? That's precisely why responsible marketing matters. Restaurants need to be especially mindful of their customers' preferences, particularly regarding dietary choices, as people can be sensitive about what they eat. Impresario Handmade Restaurants, one of India's top 5 F&B companies with brands like Smoke House Deli and Social, just revealed how they achieve this.They boosted repeat sales by an impressive 14% with Xeno by leveraging customer data and loyalty programs effectively🚀 Curious how they did it? Check out the newsletter below!

Hello Hello Hello,

Guess what? The latest World Happiness Report just dropped. Finland topped the list as the title of the world's happiest country, Seven years in a row! Someone needs to spill their secret sauce, ASAP.

Meanwhile, India...well, we held steady at 126.  Look, at least it's stable, right?


Oh also,  the report also says our peak happiness hits around 70 years old. So, basically, we just gotta hold on for a few decades, and then it's smooth sailing!  Retirement parties are gonna be lit!

Anyway, on to the news after this sad reality check!  We've got some interesting stuff to dive into…

🚀How Impresario Restaurants increased repeat sales by 14%

Ever wonder how your favorite restaurants keep you coming back for more?

Impresario Restaurants, one of India's top 5 F&B companies with brands like Smoke House Deli, Social, etc.),  just spilled their secret sauce!

They increased repeat sales by a whopping 14% with Xeno by getting super smart about customer data and loyalty programs.

Apart from everything that happened at the backend, here are the top 2 campaigns that gave the best results:

Maximizing Weekday Sales with Targeted Marketing

Impresario identified a specific segment of customers who indulge in alcohol on Tuesdays and further crafted tailored marketing campaigns aimed at attracting and engaging these alcohol-loving customers. They featured enticing promotions, discounts, and special offers to resonate with their preferences and habits.

Geographical Dormant Reactivation Campaigns through Outlet Clustering

Utilizing outlet clustering, Impresario strategically reactivated dormant customers by targeting similar stores based on location and purchasing behavior, resulting in increased Average Transaction Value and Repeat Sales.

Not only this, they revamped their entire loyalty program increasing the usage of the loyalty program by 64%

Wondering how they did all of this and more? Check out the details in the attached case study here.

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That’s all for today. Have a great week.

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