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How Gen Z is Using Social Media to Shop

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February 1, 2024

Worried you're missing out on Gen Z's unique shopping habits? This newsletter will guide you through their social media-driven approach, unveil their values, and equip you with strategies to earn their loyalty (and $$). Learn how to: -> Understand their social media shopping journey. -> Speak their language and connect authentically. -> Build trust and win their hearts (and wallets). P.S. This is also my attempt to speak the Gen Z way, so let me know if I'm passing or failing! 😄

Hello Hello Hello,

Feeling kinda sus about missin' out on Gen Z's mad shoppin' skills?

Gen Z ain't your average shoppers.  They're the meme-makin', trend-settin', low-key woke crew who shop different. These digital natives be scrollin' for inspo, droppin' fire comments on reviews, and lowkey judgin' your brand based on its social media vibes.

In this newsletter, we'll spill the tea on how Gen Z uses social media to shop, what makes them tick, and how you can start winnin' their loyalty (and $$).

No cap, this info is gonna be fire.

P.S Yes, this is going to be my attempt to speak the Genz way, let me know if I pass or fail.

Now let’s dive in:

🌈 Who Are the GenZ?

Born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, comprise 27% of the global population, makin' them a powerhouse consumer group. They're mobile-first, demanding' seamless experiences, and ain't got time for slow websites or apps. Keep it fast, fam.

🧠 Decoding Gen Z Behavior: Speak Their Lingo, Win Their Hearts

Gen Z Essentials:

  • Drip & Style: Limited edition kicks and TikTok-inspired fashion.
  • Rizz Branding: Funny, relatable, and authentic brands.
  • No Sus Transparency: Show sustainability and values genuinely.

Bonus Preferences:

  • Mobile-Centric: Over 60% prefer mobile shopping.
  • Social Proof Dominance: They trust user-generated content & micro-influencers
  • Value-Centric Spending: Budget-conscious, but quality-focused.

❌ Dont Be Sus, Dont Be Basic: What Brands Are Doing Wrong

Here's what Gen Z cares about:

While many brands are on social media, not all are tapping into its full potential.

  • Static Content: Gen Z craves dynamic content.  Static posts no longer cut it.
  • Ignoring Feedback: They want to be heard. Brands that ignore comments or reviews miss a golden opportunity.
  • Overlooking Micro-Influencers: Authenticity matters. They trust smaller, more relatable influencers over celebs

🛠️ Strategies for Success: What Should Be Done?

  • Interactive Content: Leverage polls, quizzes, and AR filters to engage and immerse your audience.
  • AI-Powered Personalization: Utilize AI to curate personalized shopping experiences based on individual preferences.
  • Shoppable Posts: Make the shopping journey seamless by incorporating direct purchasing options within your social media posts.
  • Social Listening: Monitor social media conversations to understand real-time trends and sentiments.
  • Leverage User-Generated Content: Encourage customers to share their experiences.
  • Gamification: Integrate gaming elements into your strategy. Gen Z loves a good game and will remember your brand for the fun experience.

There you have it.  Be real, be cool, be transparent, and they'll see you as fam. Now go win their loyalty (and $$) with fire content, drip deals, and a community they can dig.

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That’s all for today. See you next week.

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