🙅5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Personalised Marketing Campaigns

October 1, 2021

Hey there,

Has it ever happened to you when you can't decide whether you are nervous or just excited? It's stupid but that's what I am feeling right now as we enter October.

October is going to be a month of revolutionary changes for us at Xeno. All of this because we are finally launching the revamped version of Xeno Marketing Cloud on Monday 🚀🚀

Can't wait to share what we've been up to during the past few months. Now before I go & calm myself down, check out this week's Xenopulse edition.

Here's what we'll be talking about today:

  1. What Does Today’s eCommerce Customer Really Care About?
  2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Personalised Marketing Campaigns
  3. Xeno's Business Reporting: A next-gen tool to get the reports you need anytime, anywhere!

🧐What Does Today’s eCommerce Customer Really Care About?

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One of the most impactful priorities in e-commerce is understanding what the consumer cares about most. In a more typical year, that’s usually a conversation around price sensitivity and balancing fast or free shipping. We all know about those desires and have them in our personal lives, which drives the conversation. What we see now, though, is that the conversation may need to change.

Tracking Soothes The Savage Consumer People mostly just want their stuff. There’s no simpler way to put it. For e-commerce businesses, part of that is giving people the information to know where their stuff is.

Never forget, as soon as they finish the checkout process, your customers view everything in that order as their stuff. Focus on that ownership.

Simply sharing tracking details with a customer can turn potential anger into someone being okay because they know the item is shipped and en route. That’s a whole lot better than just sitting in the dark for four or five or six days

This Time Is Your Chance To Check In Customers spend the longest time in their post-purchase journey because they are eagerly waiting to receive their order. This gives you an additional channel to remarket to and engage with customers.

It’s an opportunity just to say “hey.” Provide a status update on their order and share what’s happening with your business. Tell customers you want to keep them in the loop, and then actually do that. Being friendly and helpful here helps you market to them again down the road.

Read more here

🙅5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Personalised Marketing Campaigns

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Personalized marketing campaigns can be really successful when done right, but here are five crucial mistakes you need to avoid for ultimate success.

  1. Not Having Default Field Backups: Let’s say you do want to send a personalized email by referencing each user by their actual first name, but the problem is, you don’t have their first name. By having a backup in place, the first name field can be switched to whatever you’ve set as the backup, such as ‘there’ or even the company name.
  2. Using Personalisation Too Soon is Creepy: You should use personalization and what you know about your visitors to help them in their marketing journey, not using what you know to prove you know a lot about them.
  3. Don’t Bombard Leads With Marketing Materials: Be aware of where your visitors are in their journey. If they’re at the top of the funnel, slow down your workflows. This is because if they’re at the awareness stage and you bombard them with emails and other marketing materials, then you’ve misunderstood where they are in their journey. That provides a bad experience.
  4. Not Being Narrow and Focused Enough: Personalised marketing campaigns obviously need to start broad, but they should become more narrow over time as they feel more personal that way. That’s a mistake that’s often made - not being as narrow and focused as possible.
  5. Collecting Too Much Information Too Early: We’re not saying you should avoid collecting information entirely, but you need to find the right balance of how much you gain and how soon you should act when it comes to offering a personal experience.
Studies have shown that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if they offer a personalized experience. So, customers value it but only if you do it right.

🤑And we launched Xeno's Business Reporting: A next-gen tool to get the reports you need anytime, anywhere!

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Every problem has its solution hidden in data.

Unfortunately, brands still fail to see it. They either don't have the time or just can't get the right data!

The good news is we have solved all of these problems.

With just a few simple clicks, Xeno's Business Reporting allows you to get the insights & analytics you need in no time.

That's right, just 3 simple clicks & you have the data in your inbox without even lifting a finger.

This allows you to spend more time developing insights & actions and less time struggling with data😌

Check out our eBook here

🧐 What's cooking up with Brands all over the world?

  1. Swiggy spins off Supr Daily to unlock delivery potential, cofounders exit
  2. Netflix acquires Night School Studio, rolls out mobile games
  3. Amazon goes hyperlocal, to rope in 10L kiranas by ’25

That's all that I had for today. Take care & stay safe :")

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