Biryani By Kilo increased new to repeat conversion by 21%

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biryani by kilo personalised campaign

Biryani By Kilo achieved amazing results by utilizing Xeno’s next-gen CRM to build a 360* customer view and using those customer insights to deliver marketing communications to customers in a 1-on-1 manner.


Food & Beverage



Increase in new to repeat customers


Growth in dormant reactivation


Growth in repeat customers

About Biryani By Kilo

Founded in 2015, Biryani By Kilo is one of India’s fastest-growing cloud kitchens. With 40 outlets across 20 cities and half a million customers across India, Biryani By Kilo aims  to create a global Indian food brand with biryani and kebabs being the primary offering.


Future Ready Team BBK Wanted to Leverage the Power Of Personalisation. With personalized marketing, Biryani by Kilo aimed to achieve the following goals:
- Solving the critical problem of Converting first-time customers to repeat customers and activating dormant customers.
- Creating 360-degree profiles and had a deeper understanding of their customers.
- Running truly personalised campaigns with the first set of customer personas


With Xeno’s proprietary AI-driven marketing solution, Biryani By Kilo was able to identify and categorise its customers in several buckets. Allowing them to personalise campaign for each and not only convert first-time customers to repeat, but also reactivate dormant customers and promote them to repeat customers.


Equipped with product and customer behaviour knowledge extracted in previous steps, Biryani By Kilo and Xeno team worked together to ideate and execute personalised campaigns that resulted in incremental sales in comparison to blanket campaigns being delivered to customers earlier.

Here are some of the campaigns that led to the results mentioned in this case study:
1. Converting 1st time and dormant customers to repeat customers by offering discounts in exchange for feedback.
2. Using celebrities to generate buzz and social proof to acquire new customers
3. Targeting veg biryani customers with 25% discount on tuesdays.
4. Leveraging the power of occassion specific campaign on Valentines day
5. Getting customers to download Biryani By Kilo app with pun-filled copy and discount offers!


Biryani By Kilo increased new to repeat conversion by 21%
growth in dormant reactivation
Biryani by Kilo increased their repeat sales by 11% in just 3 months after onboarding Xeno
21% uplift on 1st to 2nd order conversion
15% growth in repeat customers
Campaigns run on personas discount seeker achieved more 47% uplift in revenue

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