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Xeno Christmas Rockstars: How brands maximized their revenue this Christmas with Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM🎄🤩

Xeno Christmas Rockstars: How brands maximized their revenue this Christmas with Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM🎄🤩
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December 30, 2022

Discover how Xeno's Christmas Rockstars are revolutionizing the retail industry during the festive season. Explore the strategies, insights, and success stories of retailers who have leveraged Xeno's solution to create magical experiences, boost sales, and engage customers during Christmas. Learn how retailers implemented personalized marketing, optimized promotions, and delivered exceptional customer service and uncover the secrets behind successful Christmas campaigns

The winters in December carry a festive feeling. It’s the time when people are in the most joyous mood to celebrate the last days of the year and welcome the new one with enthusiasm.

However, like every other festival, Christmas was also a lot different this year, with no carnivals and rarely any parties. 

Yet, no matter what, Christmas is Christmas. The Christmas spirit was still in the air.  After having a successful Diwali, brands were all set to delight their customers and scale up their revenue before 2020 ends. The brands at Xeno had a very merry Christmas from garnering an ROI of over 548x to having the Highest ever weekly marketing revenue.

Here are the campaigns that worked for our retail partners and helped them end their year on a high note: 

Calcetto combined the magic of Christmas with their hero products generating an ROI of 80x🤩✨

Whether it’s about new year bonuses or the excitement for festivities, people are highly positive during Christmas. The end of season sales is yet another incentive that makes the customer more sensitive to making a purchase and loosening up their wallet for themselves and for their loved ones. 

Taking advantage of all the above, Calcetto ran campaigns for 80,000 of its most promising customers with its range of hero products. These 80,000 customers were selected using Xeno's AI audience selection. It takes into account hundreds of parameters to decide the best audience according to the campaign objective.

As a result of the Christmas campaign Calcetto generated an ROI of 80x on ad spend and a 30% uplift in conversions.

Best of both worlds: Taco Bell generated an ROI of 60x from its delivery and dine in offers 🌮😋

2020 forced every retailer to amend and change its approach towards reaching out to its customers. 

With offices being shut, the restaurants around the office spaces were not doing well. To cater to the needs of their customers, Taco Bell segmented their audience geographically, to promote dine-in offers near residential places and delivery specific offers in other locations.

They further segmented this audience on various other factors such as their last purchase, their preference over weekends or weekdays, how recently they made a purchase, etc.

Hence, Taco Bell was able to generate an ROI of 60x through its Christmas campaign.

Christmas themed campaigns for the win: Amante generated an ROI of 106x 👙🥳

To add more glitter to the already lit up festival of Christmas, Amante ran Christmas themed campaigns for its customers.

Amante had divided its customer base into various segments. Xeno identified the segments which were not making enough transactions with Amante. Further, we identified the segment within the segments which were leading to a decline in the revenue. 

We segregated these segments according to their purchase history and ran campaigns according to the reference of each and every customer using Xeno's AI-generated audience resulting in an ROI of 106x. 

Highest ever weekly marketing revenue: Kaya generated an ROI of 548X 🤑

Everyone wants to start the new year with a fresh perspective and a clear mind. There's nothing better than some self-pampering to rejuvenate yourself.

Keeping that in mind, Kaya promoted its highest value treatment with the maximum ticket size this Christmas. Kaya generated an ROI of 548x through this campaign. 

Outfits to get you in the festive mood: G3 ran 8 unique variations resulting in an ROI of 59x  🛍🥂

Whether you were lounging, lunching, or feeling extra, G3 ran sub-category based campaigns to set you for your Christmas plans. 

They ran 8 unique variations on FB and Instagram for its new arrival during Christmas resulting in an ROI of 59x.

These are just 5 brands. Overall we’ve been lucky to have the chance to partner with 100+ retailers to increase revenue throughout the year. 

Top retailers are using Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM to build a deep customer understanding, create relevant campaigns across digital channels, and in the process maximizing their revenue from their loyal customers.

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