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Generate 100x SMS Marketing ROI

Generate 100x SMS Marketing ROI
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May 18, 2023

Retailers, unlock the secret to 100x SMS marketing ROI with Xeno's expert guide. Discover powerful strategies tailored for retailers to boost sales, engage customers, and create a memorable festive experience. Learn data-driven decision-making, optimize marketing campaigns, and leverage exclusive promotions for unprecedented success this festive season.

We started Xeno to help businesses increase their revenue from their existing customer, but we never cracked the code until we cracked the power of SMS.We all underestimate SMS. At Xeno, we did. We think it's spam. We think it doesn't work. That's because we just bulk message our customers and don't measure the SMS campaigns results at all.

So how did Xeno crack SMS?

The honest truth is we started off like everyone else. Bulk messaging customers & not measuring results. Our businesses campaigns would get an industry standard conversion rate (0.1 to 0.5%). Sounds average & boring. But it all changed in a day. The day we started measuring our results. It's rightly said, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it". Our company runs on generating better results, so like everything else we made it our mission to get 10x better SMS marketing results. A 3% conversion & a 200x ROI. Sounds crazy, I know. But we knew if we were going to do it, there's only 1 way.

Continuously measure & improve.

So we kept running campaigns, kept measuring results. Kept experimenting with different send times, different content, different customer segments etc. & with constant improvements, and voila 3 months later our campaigns deliver conversions between 2 to 25% with an avg. campaign ROI north of 100x. Below are some of our campaigns results:

No rocket science, just understanding customer patterns & reaching right message at right time. The results - 4 to 50x better conversions compared to the industry standard.

We improved results, but HOW? Each time my mom received an SMS (right channel) from Kala Niketan, on a Wednesday (right day of the week), at 10AM (right time) about a discount offer on Punjabi jutti (right product) on a minimum purchase of 1000 (right ticket size) she reacted and made a purchase, because all attributes were customized according to her preference and she was delighted. Now I understood the relevance, and when this SMS campaign was sent to 1 lac customers, the return rate was more than 8% and average spend was 2000rs+, way more than the industry standard.

At Xeno, we are delivering these results for 100's of brands including Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Nandos, Biryani Blues, Photo Express, Tarun Tahiliani & Kala Niketan. If you're also looking for leveraging SMS marketing or cross-channel marketing to grow your business, request a demo and our experts will love to show what you can achieve and how Xeno can help you grow.

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