Customer Journeys to improve Customer Retention & Loyalty

Every customer has their own journey with a brand. This includes a series of steps including how they discovered the brand, engaged with it, bought a product and became loyal to the brand. If you want to enhance your sales, you must focus on optimizing these customer journeys. 

Understanding how a customer interacts with your brand, what attracts them, what distracts them, and what keeps them with your brand for a lifetime. This way, you and your team can work on ways to delight the customers at every stage of the journey so that you do not lose any customers. In other words, effective marketing strategies are based on these customer journeys. You can understand how to influence the customer at every stage and at the same time increase your revenue. 

Here are 5 examples of Customer Journeys that you can use to improve Customer Retention:

Welcome Journey

As soon as a user signs up on your website, do you wait for them to take action? No! You send them an email to welcome them, then you ask them to follow you on social media and after a few days, show them the amazing things you sell!

By doing this, you give the customer incentive to add instead of waiting for them to come to you. The result? More sales, more business, without any time investment.

Abandoned Cart Journey

Cart abandonment is simply when a user adds a product to the cart and then leaves it. With abandoned cart journeys in Xeno, you can remind them to complete their purchase before their intent wears off.

This simple shift itself will take your conversions off the roof. And now you can set it up in the Xeno Marketing Cloud itself.

Dormant customer journey

It is for those customers who have forgotten about your brand. They no longer respond to your sales and marketing approaches. As a result, they no longer buy from your brand. In this campaign, you can send a simple message to your dormant customer asking them to reconnect, you can send them surprise offers, or ask them to consider their subscriptions.

eReceipts Journey

Gone are the days when an eReceipt used to be nothing more than a mere proof of payment. Today it is a marketing tool altogether.

It gives you the ability to enhance customer experience, create additional upsell opportunities, offer discounts, build a long-term relationship with your customers & so much more.


Feedback (if taken seriously) can prove to be the most effective way to understand what your customer thinks about your brand & your product.

When you listen to and acknowledge your customers, it signals that you value them. This leads to more positive customer experiences and higher customer retention rates. Not only that, but collecting feedback & reviews will also help you improve conversion rates for new customers down the road. It’s a win-win right?

As a practice, you should treat every customer touch-point as a different marketing opportunity and create specific marketing campaigns for each stage. Taking control of the customer lifecycle will help you not only in understanding your customers better but also in providing them with the best shopping experience.

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