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Xeno Pulse turns 100

xeno pulse 100th edition
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July 20, 2022

Join the celebration as Xeno Pulse reaches a milestone: Xeno Pulse turns 100! Explore the journey of innovation, growth, and success that led to this achievement.


Welcome to the 100th edition of Xeno Pulse. It’s been 2 years, 100 editions, more than 500+ curated stories & a community of 9500+ people❤️️

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What started as a mere idea 2 years back when everyone was locked up in their houses. All we wanted to do was share relevant industry news, tips, and tricks to help retailers run better marketing campaigns. That idea gave birth to Xeno Pulse.

Looking back, today we are sending out the 100th edition of Xeno Pulse and I can't express how happy this makes me feel.

It’s about time that we look back at this beautiful journey of 100 years so I decided to share some of our most-loved stories with you this week:

How to market Lipstick during Lockdown

L’Oreal cracked the code to sell digitally during the beginning of the pandemic by using AI-powered at-home devices and as much as our audience loved reading the piece, the team had a lot of fun decoding this strategy.

Hotstar Ad + IPL - The new success mantra for Brands

A detailed guide that reveals how IPL has become the biggest money minter for top brands, covering some of the most remarkable examples of brands leveraging IPL season time as a great way to engage with their customers. One of our most loved guides till date, download it here in case you haven’t checked it out already

'No SMS month' for Chumbak generated an uplift of 21%

Chumbak decided to go live with their campaigns without using SMS to reach new customers as well as reactivate dormant ones. To our surprise, Chumbak generated an incremental 21% leaving us all wondering if SMS Marketing is going to be the same again!

How Colorbar revamped its Loyalty Program generating an uplift of 46%

Colorbar’s dependency on the same old earn and burn loyalty program has a ZERO effect on the customers. It was at this moment when they decided to move on & build a personalized loyalty program that generated 46% Incremental Revenue.

Spring rockstars - Best campaigns from brands

Spring as a season appears to bring a lot of positivity and energy. This gives marketers a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the season to push profits forward. In this edition, we talked about some of our favorite brand’s spring season campaigns that generated an uplift of up to 90%.

These are just 5 stories, over the course of the last 2 years, we have covered more than 500+ stories & it feels surreal. But we are definitely not done yet.

Xeno Pulse is going to get even more exciting with the coming editions, a lot of new(read: helpful) things are coming your way so look out for them.

Just want to take this moment & to thank you for being a part of this community & being on this journey with me. I ardently hope that we continue to be a valuable part of yours

That’s all for today. Hope you have a killer week.

I will see you again very soon,

Marketing & Content Strategist

Anisha Arora is an experienced Marketing & Content Professional who often breaks down complex topics for readers here. She collaborates with various teams to seamlessly combine different viewpoints and knowledge about customer retention, CRM, loyalty, and marketing technology. When she's not working, you'll find Anisha sipping coffee and binge-watching her favorite TV shows.


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