💡 Xeno employees auditioned for MTV Hustle 2.0

October 27, 2022

Hey There,
India’s biggest & brightest festival just came to an end,🥺
Everyone is back to the work mode. *we hope so*
And to keep the “work-spirits” going, today’s edition is purely entertainment & no gyaan. 

So here’s a random fact that we read on internet this week:

Does Oranges are called Orages because they are Orange? Or are they called Orange because they are Orange like the Oranges? 🍊

✨Xeno वाली Diwali✨

We launched our very own Diwali Rap Video last week, and it was a huge hit amongst Emiway Bantai & other Rappers.

That they asked us to audition for MTV Hustle 2.0😳

Yes Yes, Just Kidding!🥲

But from from writing to singing & finally recording it,

Big Kudos to entire team for pulling off the whole music video in just 3 hours😲

Have you watched it yet?

Check out ✨Xeno वाली Diwali✨

P.S. we’d love to hear back your suggestions for Xeno’s next Rap Video.

📚Story of the Week: Xeno Marketing Calendar

Diwali might be over, but …

This is not the end of Festivals.💪🏽

Don’t miss out on what’s coming in the last 2 months of 2022!

Check out Xeno Marketing Calendar to stay on top of your Marketing Game,

With Pre-planned Campaign Ideas and strategies.

Download Now:

That’s all for today. 

Hope you have the best week ahead. Here are some dancing Penguins to make your day:

Until next time,

Anisha Arora

Marketing & Content Strategist, Xeno

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