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Why is everyone on Whatsapp?

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January 21, 2022

Guilty of using WhatsApp all day? Let’s be honest we spend half of our day on Whatsapp or maybe even more. But wait, there’s more to it. WhatsApp is much more than a messaging app. Tune into this week’s Xenopulse as we decode the use of WhatsApp for Businesses & share some strategies for you to adopt WhatsApp as a marketing channel hashtag#whatsapp hashtag#whatsappmarketing hashtag#xenopulse


I hope you are staying at home and keeping safe. Well as for me I’m taking all precautions staying home and watching Shark Tank.

I was basically forced by my team into watching it and ngl the drama has got me hooked.

Amidst all the debate that’s going on around the show, there is a wave of entrepreneurship that is ready to take over the world and it’s amazing to see India becoming a part of it. I’m glad that through Shark Tank these waves are getting noticed and given the right direction.

My advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs will be that if you have an idea that you believe in then all you need is a small start and perseverance.

I hope you turn all your “I am out” into “Tu tension mat le, main interested hu”

Anyways let’s jump into today’s story. Today we are going to be talking about: Whatsapp for Marketing & Business

Guilty of using WhatsApp all day?

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Let’s be honest we spend half of our day on Whatsapp or maybe even more. WhatsApp is much more than a messaging app because of its extensive media sharing capabilities and widespread global adoption. Users recognize its credibility as a reliable news source, and Facebook continues to view it as a profitable marketing tool.

How is Whatsapp beneficial for Business?

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Already popular for personal use, WhatsApp changed the game with the launch of Whatsapp Business, allowing marketers to connect with a new generation of instant messengers. Here's what you need to know to get your WhatsApp marketing strategy off to a good start.

Benefits of adding WhatsApp to your business?

  • Secure and private platform

Customers are very particular about the safety of their data. They are tired of sloppy, generic, and targeted ads, as well as bots. WhatsApp is a safe bet because it has built a reputation as a reliable platform that encrypts messages and does not share information with third parties. Unlike other apps, it is free of advertisements, so customers see it as a safe and private place to communicate on a regular basis.

  • Supports automation & FAQs

WhatsApp Business's "quick replies" feature allows businesses to save and reuse useful and frequently sent messages to speed up the customer service process. More than 50% of people would prefer to contact customer service via messaging rather than by phone. When it comes to instant responses, this is convenient for many industries and their specific customer needs.

  • Real-time customer service and support

It has never been more important for businesses to make themselves available and accessible to customers so that they can contact them in a comfortable and familiar manner. WhatsApp Business messaging checks every box. It provides ubiquitous messaging that is quick, efficient, and dependable on a widely used platform.

Alerts and updates can be received in real-time via WhatsApp. Most importantly, any urgent questions can be answered in a timely and direct manner, with no middleman to slow down the process.

With such market dominance, it's no surprise that marketers have turned their attention to WhatsApp as a channel for marketing. But Whatsapp Marketing can be a tough concept to grasp. It's still a pretty new platform that most marketers are testing and learning their way around.

If you send blanket communication to your customers on WhatsApp, they might mark your message as spam. A few spam reports and you can potentially be blocked from messaging anyone. So text-bombing your customers is definitely not the way to go on this platform. There are a few ways through which you can send meaningful and personalized messages which your customers would love to receive like

  • Automated Journeys
  • Send Order Details or eReceipts
  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  • In-App Booking & Scheduling or Reminders

Here's an entire Guide for WhatsApp Marketing curated specially by our CRM consultants.

Brand Story of the Week: Colorbar

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Colorbar Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. relied on earn-and-burn and the usage of their loyalty program was less than 1%. With time not just competition but customers have also grown. Customers want brands to make them feel special and offer exclusive experiences & benefits.

With Xeno, onboard Colorbar revamped their whole loyalty program and generated 46% Incremental Revenue

Learn the step-by-step strategies used by them here.

That’s it for today.

This edition of Xenopulse was a bit different, I’m trying to provide you with the best reading experience of the week so if you have any new and exciting ideas which you would want me to take up do let me know :)

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See you next time. Stay safe!

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