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Tommy Hilfiger's & Levis's journey to 90% growth in repeat sales

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October 18, 2021

Monday Morning is here, We had a long weekend after so long & I feel super refreshed today. Here's what today's Xenopulse is about: 1.Tommy Hilfiger's & Levis's journey to 90% growth in repeat sales 💰 2.Top trends in India's eCommerce space this festive season 3.Why omnichannel presence is key to succeeding in today's competitive landscape

Hey there,

Tell me, are you also someone who has the tendency to remember their firsts?

There is just something special about a first, isn't it? And they become even more special when you have an amazing team alongside you to celebrate that first.

A little back story, 6 months back, Xeno signed its first-ever international customer - Apparel UAE 😍

Fast forward to today, we are finally talking about the amazing results that we generated for them.

So excited to finally share them with you!

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Apparel UAE was losing out on opportunities, potential sales & potential revenue because they did not have a centralized CRM for all of its 75 brands? 🤧

This is why they signed on Xeno to fit all these missing pieces. With Xeno Marketing Cloud, they were able to not only streamline all of their data in one place but also understand their customers better in order to run relevant digital campaigns.

For you, the good news is, we have documented the entire step-by-step strategy that we followed to achieve these results. Check out the case study here.

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The year 2020 accelerated e-commerce players’ growth in India. As the 2021 festive season kicks in, here’s a look at emerging trends in the online shopping industry.

1. Personalisation and thematic marketing:

Today, brands are focussing primarily on personalizing products through better technology integration to provide customers with an impeccable shopping experience.

2. Higher marketing budget and increased focus on tier-II/tier-III cities:

To meet their annual targets and focus primarily on online sales, brands allocate higher marketing budgets. However, since the festive demand skyrockets, this budget helps drive sales and increases profits.

Furthermore, tier-II and tier-III cities are emerging business hubs with consumer demand from these cities steadily growing as internet proliferation and smartphone usage increases.

3. Leveraging social commerce and riding the D2C wave:

With most consumers spending a majority of their time scrolling through their social media feeds, e-commerce brands will aim to leverage social commerce by curating content and products as per the consumer’s preferences.

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As consumer behavior continues to change due to the impact the global Covid-19 pandemic has had both on business and individuals - retailers are increasingly having to position themselves to provide omnichannel services that can meet these evolving digital consumer expectations.

Here are some of the Best practices to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience:

  • Identifying the right technology partner who can help fulfill the brand’s key goals and objectives
  • Align messaging, objectives, and design across every channel in a unified manner.
  • Incorporating interactive and immersive technologies for better consumer experience like Consumer Data Platform, chatbots, increasing personalization, etc.
  • Invest in market research and consumer insights towards customer journey mapping brand metrics and brand performance

Read more here

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That's all that I had for today. Take care & stay safe :")

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