'TIS THE SEASON🎄🎅| Xenopulse 87th edition

December 24, 2021


It’s my favorite time of the year - December!

It’s like the Friday of months - You are still working, it’s not like you are necessarily on holiday, but you are less cribby and are overall in a good mood.  

Keeping the good mood alive here's spreading some Christmas cheer with this week's Xenopulse talking about some of the best Christmas Marketing Campaigns.

🎄 Heineken and their AI-powered social Christmas tree

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Heineken took Christmas joy, the moments, the festivities, and the fun one step forward in 2011 with their Social Christmas tree. The Social Christmas Tree hosted personalized Facebook greetings, human tree ornaments, and Christmas tunes.

They created a social Christmas tree with interconnecting LCD screens to be placed at Clarke Quay, Singapore, where anyone could record their message, choose a Christmas card on social tree, which was displayed on the tree as well as their Facebook page.

🎅 Faasos's Christmas giveaway campaign

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Faasos, the quick service takeaway restaurant launched a purposeful campaign to drive home the messaging of #WhatifWishes Came True.

This digital Christmas campaign was not a simple giveaway, but a complete marketing strategy to create Christmas surprises for people across cities. With #WhatIfWishes campaign they called in entries from their customers of one gift they always wanted as a child and made their childhood wishes come true.

🧐 Etsy’s Gift Finder Campaign

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Back in 2018, the global online marketplace, Etsy, famous for its distinct trinkets, clothing, and handicrafts did an innovative campaign in collaboration with Pinterest launched ‘Etsy Gift Finder’ on Pinterest to help users find gift ideas. Users simply add in details on a virtual tag and hit find my gifts.

🧐 Starbucks’ eco friendly christmas campaign

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During Christmas 2017, Starbucks launched its reusable red cup campaign. These cups reflect the Christmas vibe and holiday excitement and were made with 50% recycled content.

They gave out free limited-edition reusable red cups to customers who ordered a holiday beverage. These beverages are given specific hashtags – #IrishCreamColdBrew – which users then upload on their social media handles.

The reusable red cup has now become a tradition for customers each holiday season and is a step towards reducing single-use cup waste and also contributes towards an environment-friendly planet.

🤑 What's happening around the Marketing & Advertising world?

1. Deloitte expects Holiday Retail Sales to Increase 7-9%

2. Nykaa urges you to be a Santa Claus this Christmas in new ad film

3. Are luxury brands adding some sparkle to Christmas?

That's all for today.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas

See you next time.


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