💡 The Ranveer Singh effect on Fashion

August 4, 2022

Hi there,

There has been so much noise around the recent Ranveer Singh photoshoot, with some calling it a national issue & some claiming their ‘sentiments’ were hurt.

But that's not what I am going to be talking about today.

The Paper Magazine photoshoot surely intrigued me to read what’s written inside the magazine.

But is it just me? With our content consumption habits changing, are people still reading magazines?

Let’s decode this below & understand the relevance of Fashion Magazines to the retail industry.


🔖Are Fashion Magazines still relevant today?

A lot has changed since the time when Fashion Magazines used to be the only influential source; providing information about trends, styling tips & luxurious fantasies.

Customers today have 100 different content consumption channels and want instant gratification, does that mean fashion magazines are no longer relevant today?

Honestly, the answer is ‘the talk of a big discussion’.

The audience of today has grown up in a largely digital-only era.

To stay in the league, Magazine companies have made it convenient for the readers to access these magazines from anywhere & everywhere be it online or offline.

Fun Fact: Studies show that an average reader spends 49 minutes reading a magazine, with almost 50 percent of respondents reading more than half of the magazine!

This makes magazines a reliable channel for retailers & their means to into new audiences, and new channels, and drive engagement.

How are Magazines winning the online era?

When the trend started shifting slightly away from print, this is what major magazine brands did -

  • Including playful elements to better interact with the audience. For instance; Elle Magazines has an option to create a mood board with page elements one might like the most
  • Enabling a link on their digital format that would redirect readers to the purchasing page of the product is nothing but a check-mate move
  • One can now share a magazine with a whole network of friends on social media establishing an opportunity to create buzz!

Now that we believe in their persistence, let us quickly walk through some of the key benefits of Magazines in Retail :

  1. Unlike poky online ads, magazines aren’t invasive, and won't impact the user experience. Additionally, a magazine ad is remembered by 58% of consumers
  2. Although it might not seem one but .. it is a fairly cost-effective marketing technique
  3. Do we need to tell you that Magazines have long shelf life than 30-second ads?
  4. Retailers have full control over how it looks wrt. size, placement, typography, and other attributes

Anyways, keeping aside all the chaos, the outrage that Ranveer’s photoshoot created is solid validation that -

The glossy format of the pages still has a role to play in story-telling and it can never become obsolete!


📚Story of the Week: How Tommy Hilfiger increased their repeat sales by 60%

Tommy Hilfiger was facing challenges in collecting customer data which led to poor customer retention.

That is when they decided to establish a central-level CRM management system & onboarded Xeno as a partner!

What happened next? The brand saw massive growth in repeat sales by 60% in their recent Eid Campaign!

Read the full story here.


Xeno’s Quarterly Meet-up ️

It always feels great to see people outside zoom meetings! Here’s a snippet from our quarterly meet-up last month:

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That’s all for today. Hope you have a killer week.


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