💡The 'Champion Holiday Strategy'

December 22, 2022

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Christmas cheers are finally around the corner.  I am sure everyone is ready with hot chocolate pancakes, lights, candles & whatnot. Not me though.

This is what you do when your team doesn’t catch up for Christmas:

Well, desperate times require desperate measures😛

Moving on, carrying forward the Christmas Vibe, today’s edition is going to be all about strategies that you can use this festive season to boost repeat sales:

🎅🏽Xeno December Playbook for 2022:

Is your brand ready to slay this holiday season?

Well, your customers are already more than ready to spend their money & shop.🤷🏽‍♂️

But with so much competition in the industry, it’s only a matter of which brand will get their business.

So if you are just another brand offering a generic sale with a generic campaign … Your campaign might not work!❌

That is why Team Xeno is here to help you with just that!

Strategies, Campaign Ideas, Insights from Industry Leaders & so much more.

December Campaign Playbook has everything that you need to ace your game this season!

Here's a little sneak peek for you:

📚 Learnings from top industry leaders

📊 Strategies to Boost Repeat Sales with better targeting & personalized targeting

🤔 How to segment your customers the right way

💬 How to get your communication right

😍 Campaign ideas from top retail brands like Amante, Sephora, Colorbar, etc

Get inspired by the uniquely amazing campaign ideas from top Retail Brands. Download the playbook here: Xeno December Campaign Playbook 2022

📚Story of the Week:  Xeno’s very own Podcast Retail Reimagined is now Live🎙️

Get ready with your headphones & Gear up to listen to Xeno’s exclusive podcast: Retail Reimagined🎙️ with Jitendranath Patri, Principle Consultant, Xeno.

An exclusive podcast where he’d be talking about everything retail featuring some of the great industry leaders & experts.

Hot Now🔥: The first episode is now live! 😍 | Tune in now 👈🏽

Hear it straight from Shifali Sigh, CMO, BIBA Apparels, as she talks about the future of Retail Marketing; from Customer led marketing, to the History of personalization to everything.

That’s all for today.

P.S. We’d love to know whether you would like us to make Xeno Rap 2.0🤩

Till then, hope you have the brightest week ahead. 💪🏼

Until next time,

Anisha Arora

Marketing & Content Strategist, Xeno

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