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Secrets Steve Job won’t tell you about Apple

steve jobs and apple
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September 14, 2022

Unlock the untold secrets of Apple that Steve Jobs never revealed, with Xeno Pulse. Delve into the enigmatic world of Apple's success, innovation, and leadership. Discover hidden insights, strategies, and behind-the-scenes stories that shaped Apple's iconic brand.

Hey there,

Do you look forward to the new iPhone launch every year or are you normal? Haha..

Well, iPhone user or not, in all probability, you have already come across the kidney jokes.

Like always, the kidney jokes & the meme fest were a constant post the launch of iPhone 14 this year.

Amidst all of them, Samsung definitely is a clear winner.

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It’s been weeks but I can’t stop thinking about how Apple has made it so big.

Despite the fact that it has three times the cost of its customers, what is the reason behind Apple’s unmatched customer loyalty?

So I decided to dive deep into the topic

Let’s have a look at what I found:


🍎The Apple Phenomenon

If you consider Brand loyalty as a building; Apple would be the blueprint!

One billion people today are using Apple devices,

92% of Apple customers say they’ll keep patronizing the company’s products

And this happened because the brand isn't in the business of making products,

But creating experiences through their products!

Apple user isn’t just a customer - they are Apple promoters!

So, what is the secret behind the brand’s success & customer retention one may ask?

Let’s find out:


💻Customer ID: More than just a unique number!

When a customer purchases their first Apple product, they are asked to create an Apple ID which is a unique number that syncs all the Apple devices a person owns.

Here’s how this gets interesting:

The ID allows the brand to remember purchases with the Apple Store, and based on personal information it further provides personalized recommendations, constantly tailors its services, and re-engages customers with handpicked deals, discounts

Everything said is thus maintained in Apple’s CRM leading to effective target marketing! (hats off)

Let’s have a look at how Apple uses CRM:

👉The 4 fascinating pillars of Apple CRM

Here’s how Apple is using CRM strategies to provoke a sense of loyalty to its customers:

  1. Understanding the customer needs deeply

The brand is remarkably good at retaining its customers because of its three guiding principle of customer understanding:

(a) Empathy (b) Focus (c) Impute

Since the technology also resonates with the customer’s needs, there’s always a long queue both online and offline to buy any new product that has been launched.

Also fuelling this is the brand’s unparalleled technical support. Whenever you buy an Apple product, you can schedule a personalized one-on-one tailored session with a specialist.

2. Anticipating the customer needs

No second thoughts on Apple’s understanding of its customers, but the desire to innovate has helped the brand evolve its offerings to not just meet a customer’s current requirements, but those of their future needs too.

Consider the iPhone, iPod, and iPad - all of them were ahead of their time.

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And the main crux behind this is that Apple’s CRM focus on only customers, nothing else. This is why they invest around $18M in research and development yearly!

3. Store Outlets that focus on customer experience

Someone who has ever visited an Apple store would definitely say that it’s a place of wonder.

The store outlets of the brand have been built based on in-store CRM:

  1. The employees are trained to prioritize the person, rather than the product
  2. Ensuring a terrific customer experience and not just only purchase
  3. Using the latest technology, customers can play games on devices, not focusing on the “pricetag”

A true game changer!

4. Branding that speaks louder than the Product

Whether you are an Apple user or not, the high attraction for the brand is undeniable.

It has clearly won the branding battle by maintaining an aura of exclusivity, where what’s marketed is the emotion & feature and not the product. Take ‘shot on iPhone’ as an example.

In fact, research also shows that Apple is one of the first brands that has been successful in appealing to Millennials, that other brands have failed

A Coincidence? Or just a clever CRM strategy.

Whatever it is, the brand has definitely made its customers “Think Different”ly

P.S. To learn more about how Apple has dominated the world via its CRM, Refer here.


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That’s all for today. Hope you have a killer week.

Oh, by the way, are you an apple user? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed today’s edition.

See you next week,

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