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March 19, 2021

Good Friday morning!

Hope you had an amazing week. My two goals for today were to get out of bed early and have a good cup of tea, so far it’s a success🤭

Without wasting any time, just dive in because I have a lot of valuable stuff in store for you today.

In today’s edition:

  • How CRM is The Secret Behind Amazon's Success
  • How Chumbak plans to double its turnover by the end of FY22 by doubling down on marketing
  • 9 Email Conversion Lessons that every Marketer should know
  • Holi Campaign Playbook for Maximising Marketing ROI

Next-Gen CRM

🤑How CRM is The Secret Behind Amazon's Success

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Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world. Not to any surprise, Amazon has invested its valuable time and money to build an in-house CRM catering to its needs.

  • Personal Data Storage: Amazon’s CRM, being no exception, is constantly gathering information through customers searching and browsing, data mining, their wish list and so on.
  • Customer Journey: The customer journey involves basically no human interaction at all: in just a few clicks, you can access your previous orders, track your parcels or update your details. All of this reveals a system which is both quick, profitable and efficient.
  • Everything is intuitive: Amazon is not just Amazon anymore, instead they have evolved into a provider of everything. Prime members will find a Prime Video selection that seriously challenges providers such as Netflix and HBO, their Alexa is a serious competitor on the AI market, and they’re financial investors in up and coming tech firms.

Amazon is only one of many examples of how a good CRM solution can transform your business and ensure the success of your brand.

Now you can become the next success story like Amazon. Check out the Next-Gen CRM made for retailers

Omni-channel Marketing

🛒How Chumbak plans to double its turnover by the end of FY22 by doubling down on marketing

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Chumbak plans to double their turnover by the end of this year, and increase their overall marketing spends significantly. They plan to reach out to their loyal customer base and building up their digital presence including social media, and plan to resume in-store marketing once footfalls are back to pre-pandemic levels.

They aim to invest in customer-centricity to allow for optimal journey mappings,

repeat and loyalty interventions. In 2019, Chumbak opened its 50th store and after COVID-19, it has been focusing on building an omnichannel presence. It is now planning to scale its online reach and partner with more third-party platforms.

”With the lockdown and store closures, we devoted more time and attention to scaling our online and back-end tech capabilities. We launched omnichannel in October last year which has allowed us to better manage our inventories and last-mile deliveries,” says Vasant Nangia CEO, Chumbak.

This fiscal, Chumbak will increase its marketing spends, continue to focus on digital marketing and increase its in-store marketing. Read more here

Email Marketing

📩9 Email Conversion Lessons that every Marketer should know

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Making sales during the pandemic was like selling luxury cars to a person struggling to pay their rent. Especially when most of our leads were coming from offline events and referrals. Obviously, the pandemic changed all of that. This was as much of a challenge for the sales team, the absence of leads combined with a reduced chance of closing them!

To sail through this we decided to shift to email marketing and started reaching out to marketers and CEOs from different brands. This flipped the approach we had towards sales. This shift from sales to marketing helped us to capture demand on a large scale instead of trying to create demand on a 1-to-1 (salesy) level.

The entire shift taught a lot us about email conversation tactics and helped us close more deals than ever before. Shiven, the marketing entrepreneur at Xeno has shared all of these learnings in this article.


🎨Holi Campaign Playbook for Maximising Marketing ROI

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Planned your Holi marketing strategy yet? Don’t worry, it isn’t too late

It’s time to prepare yourself for one of the most opportunistic festivals & holi-fy your marketing strategies to win your customers this year. All you need is a little pre-planning and timely execution. And we are here to help you with that!

The Holi marketing campaign book is specially curated by our CRM specialists to help you win this festival.

Download the campaign book here

🔎Hand-picked tool for the week: Copy.ai

Your chance to discover some of the most unknown & helpful tools made for marketers like you.

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Create a marketing copy within seconds with AI and say goodbye to your writer’s block with copy.ai

🤗Brand & Marketing News

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1. Facebook Set to Launch Newsletter Product for Independent Writers and Journalists

2. Pepsi deploys customized voice-overs to balance personalization, reach in Zero Sugar push

3. Snap acquires Fit Analytics, a fitting technology startup, to double down on fashion and e-commerce

That’s all for today folks. Have a great weekend, and enjoy while it lasts😋


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