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Omnichannel & how | The ultimate guide for retailers

omnichannel guide for retailers
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April 20, 2022

Master the art of omnichannel retailing with Xeno's ultimate guide for retailers. Learn proven strategies and best practices to seamlessly integrate online and offline channels, enhance customer experiences, and boost sales.


This has been a special month. We just got back from a super fun offsite in Jim Corbett. An offsite after 2 long years of work from home so of course it had to be crazy.

The team is super pumped after this crazy offsite in Jim Corbett & we cannot wait to celebrate Q2 with even more madness🚀

Now coming to this week’s edition. I have got 2 amazing stories for you:

  • All you need to know about Omnichannel marketing as a retail marketer
  • How Chumbak’s No SMS Month generated them an uplift of 21%

The Ultimate Guide for Omnichannel Marketing for Retailers

Do you know where your ideal customer is? They might be scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or using search engines, looking for a product that you are selling.

So, if you are not where your customer is, you are missing out on a lot of sales and marketing opportunities! This is the time of omnichannel marketing and this guide will give you all the details about it.

The Difference Between Multi-, Cross-, and Omnichannel Marketing - MARMIND

Here’s what it means:
Omnichannel marketing is the integration of marketing efforts across various channels or platforms. It works on the principle that a customer journey might span through different channels.

Let’s take an example: Suppose you were shopping from an e-commerce website at night on your laptop but you could not make payment at that time. The next day when you are commuting to the office, you simply open the online shopping app on your mobile phone and complete the purchase. This is because the online shopping brand is available on different channels at the same time. Your account details get synced at all the platforms, making it easier for you to connect with the brand

Steps for Leveraging Omnichannel Marketing

#1 Data collection :
This will help you in understanding your customers in a better way such as their preferred communication channels, times when they interact the most with your brand, their demographics, interests, location, and much more.

#2 Bringing all customer data to one place
To utilize this collected data, you need to create a centralized repository for it or a CDP that stores behavioral, transactional, structured, and unstructured data from multiple sources into a single repository.

#3 Customer understanding
Once you have all the data for a customer in one place, the next step of your omnichannel marketing strategy should be to understand that data.

#4 Customer journey mapping
A customer journey makes it easier for retailers to understand how to interact with the customer. You can send communications to customers based on their interests and enhance their shopping experience.

Tips to Make Omnichannel Marketing More Effective  

1. Maintain a consistent identity across all channels

2. Integrate in-store and online shopping

3. Align all your offline & online promotions

4. Do not overdo by bugging your customers using every channel.

And there’s much more to all of this. Learn more about omnichannel marketing here.

How Chumbak’s No SMS Month generated them an uplift of 21%

If there’s one common problem that marketers are facing today is that with SMS Marketing.

Owing to the strict TRAI regulations, it has become super difficult to get your campaigns running on SMS smoothly.

Just like every other brand, Chumbak too was facing issues with getting its SMS templates approved because of the heavy scrutiny on SMS content passed on by TRAI.

Frustrated, they finally decided to go live with their campaigns without the use of SMS.

The team definitely had doubts in their mind but it only made sense to finally ditch the traditional means fully & go all in with digital.

To our surprise, Chumbak generated an incremental 21% without the use of SMS.
Takeaway: SMS Marketing is never going to be the same again. It might be the time to move on.

Here’s how they made it happen.

That’s all for today. Hope you have a killer week & an even better month.

I will see you again very soon,

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Anisha Arora is an experienced Marketing & Content Professional who often breaks down complex topics for readers here. She collaborates with various teams to seamlessly combine different viewpoints and knowledge about customer retention, CRM, loyalty, and marketing technology. When she's not working, you'll find Anisha sipping coffee and binge-watching her favorite TV shows.


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