💡Marketing ideas for March you can't miss

March 4, 2022

Hey there,

Can you believe it's March already? 🤯🤯 We celebrated new year like 2 seconds ago. While you process this info, March is not that bad either.

After the blistering winds of winter settle down and the sun rises a bit more early. It becomes evident that summer is just around the corner.

This week’s Xenopulse is going to be all about the month of March & how can create opportunities to engage with your audience and start meaningful conversations this month.

Spring is here🌸

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Fed up of winter yet? I sure am & well, I have good news. Spring is hereee!!!

Speaking of which, the season gives a perfect opportunity to marketers to push profits forward just like the blooming flowers in the vibrant green. 🍃🍃

But now do you have your spring campaigns sorted? Fret not, here's what Xeno did last year.

From garnering an ROI of 415X to generating incremental revenue of up to 260%, the spring campaigns proved to be a huge success last year.

Wonder how these brands made it happen? Click here for some amazing spring campaign ideas

Holi-fy your brand marketing: How To Win At Holi🎨

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Holi is just around the corner and along with all the fun & joy, it brings along a pool of opportunities for retailers all across.

It’s time to prepare yourself for one of the most opportunistic festivals & holi-fy your marketing strategies to win your customers this year.

All you need is a little pre-planning and timely execution. And we are here to help you with that!

Here’s what you can do to achieve your sales goal:

✔️Remind your customers to stock up: Send unique pre-Holi replenishment campaigns to all your customers on the basis of their purchase history.

✔️Attract those discount seekers: Intelligently target your discount hoggers by offering discounts at minimum purchase higher than their ATV

✔️Offer complementary products: To appeal to a larger set of audience and drive demand for the main product

✔️Cross-sell your products: Use combo offers & product bundles  

✔️Target the best customers: Leverage the power of AI-ML to identify the best customers and send unique communications to all your customers

Find more details on this & more in our Holi campaign playbook here

Empower women around you🙌

At the same time, we also have Women’s day coming up on 8th March. This proposes to be a big opportunity for brands involved in the retail sector to start delivering marketing campaigns that delight their customers.

Retail brands can delight their female customers to become more connected to the brand. Walking them a step ahead on the buyer journey towards making them a brand loyalist.

Here are a few ideas:

#1 Offer exclusive Discounts.

Making your customers feel special is one the best type of marketing a brand can pull off. Cause once they feel special, they are more bound to tell about your brand to others. So, start women exclusive discounts to celebrate their day with the best shopping experience.

#2 Create special offers.

Create compelling offers for women who bring along their friends to your outlet. This way, you have a better chance of generating more sales and delighting more customers. In the process, making it easy to convert them into brand ambassadors.

#3 Do Something Good.

Commit to contributing at least 5% of your sales towards a women empowerment cause. Show that you care and hit a nite in the heart of your customers. This will make them appreciate your brand more, and they will be proud to buy from you as a part of it is going towards a good cause.

✨Story Of the Week: End of Winter Sale✨

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Winters are finally coming to an end & this is a good time for you to launch a clearance sale celebrating the end of winter. Don’t get stuck with old inventory.

To help you with some campaign ideas:

We bring to you End Of Season Sale Rockstars 🤩🤩

Some of the most amazing and interesting campaign ideas used by these rockstars which shot up their ROIs to the moon

Learn how they achieved these results & get inspired by their unique campaign strategies click here.

That’s it for today.

Hope you liked today’s edition, let me know what you think :)

See you next time. Stay safe!


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