Is personalisation at risk? 🤔| Xeno Pulse 54th Edition | 19th Feb

February 19, 2021

How are you doing? I hope great, if not then let me remind you that it’s finally FRIYAYY! And it’s Pawrii time (I hope you get the reference, if not you need to start being more active on social media😋)

Well, I've been spending my week eyeing IPL auctions, and I hope you are eyeing your customers because if you don’t someone else might close the bid.

Now let's dive in.

In today’s edition:

  1. Is personalisation at risk? What is the new opportunity for better personalisation?
  2. Forget e-commerce. Social commerce is the next big thing
  3. How to leverage AI to better connect with your Consumers?
  4. Who’s bringing a phygital experience to the Australian Open 2021?
  5. Is Industry's first tool to create triggered multi-channel campaigns here?🥳


😰Is personalisation at risk? What is the new opportunity for better personalisation?

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For a long while now, personalised advertising has been touted as the holy grail of digital advertising, but it hasn’t unequivocally solved the marketing challenge for businesses of achieving personalisation at scale.

Most of the personalised advertising we see is based on basic data points; name, location, purchase history, browsing history, and click history. There is a need for more data to be shared to move to truly personalised (relevant) advertising, and that’s where we run into challenges.

However privacy concerns are on the rise, GWI tells us that 61% of internet users were concerned about the internet eroding their personal privacy. High profile data breaches, the ‘stalker’ nature of some personal advertising, and the gravitas around GDPR mean consumers are more aware but don’t necessarily feel in control.

What does that mean for personalisation? We need to think differently. Consumers say that data exchange is attractive when they see a personal benefit. They want to see representative advertising and greater emphasis on customer-controlled data by brands.

Brands are starting to move from user demographics to individually-personalized experiences and allowing AI to understand behavior and tailor experience based on intention. What is clear is that the experience needs to take into account the whole customer journey.

Learn more here >


🙌Business Insider: Social commerce capabilities to grow multi-folds?

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The immediacy and convenience of online shopping have led to massive growth in eCommerce and stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic further propelled its popularity.

According to an Insider Intelligence forecast, the average time spent per day with social networks increased from 56.23 minutes in 2019 to 65.44 minutes in 2020.

The rise in eCommerce combined with the 16.4% growth in social media usage year-over-year encouraged companies to turn to influencer marketing and user-generated content to promote brand awareness.

No one marketing strategy is going to work for every brand—a social shopping experience for athleisure is going to look very different from a campaign for electronics. However, all brands can utilize influencers, consumer calls to action, and user-generated content, to successfully compete in the social commerce market.

Here’s how you can leverage social commerce to its best advantage >


😎Forbes: 14 Ways To Better Leverage AI To Connect With Consumers

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Today, AI not only automates processes to save time across multiple industries but can also provide valuable consumer insights.

14 members of Forbes Agency Council described specific ways that marketers can better leverage AI to build and strengthen connections with their customer base.

These include:

  • Getting Recommendations That Will Yield The Most ROI
  • Identifying Individuals Most Likely To Convert
  • Providing Offers Based On User Behavior
  • Engaging With More Meaningful Content
  • Gaining Better Understanding Of your Clientele

Dive deep into the world of AI, learn all about it here >


🤩Who’s bringing a phygital experience to the Australian Open 2021?

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Always-on, ‘phygital’ event models are set to become the norm as brands learn from the experiences of 2020 and re-evaluate their approach to client engagement long-term

The marketing chief of Infosys talked about the digital capabilities it’s brought online to help build fan, sponsor, and VIP engagement in 2021.

While several of these are fan-facing, arguably one significant project has been designing a ‘3D AO Virtual Hub’ to overcome physical restrictions for B2B partners and deliver a more immersive experience online.

The B2B-oriented platform is powered by Infosys’ recently launched Meridian virtual hub and includes access to exclusive events plus content in and around the Australian Open, players, and onsite activities, and there’s much more to it.

Read it all here >


🥳Industry's first tool to create triggered multi-channel campaigns is here

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How often has your marketing team missed to run an important campaign on time? Or missed out on an amazing opportunity to reach out to your customers?

This happens more than you realize, because it is humanly impossible to be in front of the customer at each and every touchpoint. But there’s finally a solution🥳

Introducing Xeno's very own Journey Builder, the industry's first tool to create triggered multi-channel campaigns.

🤑Create personalize communication to get maximum conversions

🥰Reach your customers where they are

🤯Trigger communication on not just SMS & email but also Facebook and Instagram now.

And achieve much more.

Learn more here >

🤗Brand and Marketing News

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Catch up with all the trends and brand updates of the week here:

  1. Samsung Develops Industry’s First High Bandwidth Memory with AI Processing Power
  2. IPL Auction 2021 | A look at the brand value of top teams
  3. Adidas plans to sell struggling Reebok brand

That’s all for today folks. I’ll see you next week 👋

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