Inside Nike's Digital Strategy | Xenopulse 86th edition

December 16, 2021


Hope you're doing well and are as excited for the last month of the year as I am :D

Just thinking about how quickly this year flew by. I guess it's time to take out those resolution lists & make a resolution to set realistic goals next year  

In today's edition:

  • Nike Is Connecting With Consumers More Than Ever Before Thanks to Membership
  • 5 Campaign Ideas for Christmas this year
  • Over 90% of consumers are looking to digitally enhance their shopping experience

💰 Nike Is Connecting With Consumers More Than Ever Before Thanks to Membership

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Nike uses digital services to create a distinct experience for their customers that blurs the line between digital and our stores.

Their key to this … is membership.

When a consumer logs in with Nike and as a member, Nike is able to:

  • Increase relevancy and build a true, meaningful long-term relationship with them.
  • Members see the right messages at the right time, the most relevant products in the Nike App
  • Receive exclusive access, get guided to the next best workout on the Nike Training Club App,
  • And are offered a personalized styling session.
  • And Nike is already seeing this strategy work, their repeat buying for members was up more than 70% last quarter.

Read more about Nike's Digital Strategy here

🎅 5 Campaign Ideas for Christmas this year

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Christmas is just around the corner; Use this as a reminder to start planning your marketing campaign for Christmas if you haven’t already.

This holiday season, be like Santa make sure the strategies you use to market your products have something exciting in store for everyone.

Brands at Xeno did exactly the same during Christmas last year. They followed a simple 3-step process:

  • Understood what their customers are most likely to purchase during Christmas
  • Identified the best set of audience to market to using AI-audience selection
  • Personalized their marketing communication for each of the customer

Read more here

🧐Over 90% of consumers are looking to digitally enhance their shopping experience. Here's how you can cope up

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The digital transformation during the COVID-19 era and the consumer behavior of seeking convenience through online shopping are the biggest highlights of the ‘new retail’ scenario, according to a survey by Deloitte.

A total of 90 percent of consumers are looking for a digitally enhanced shopping journey, whether engaging at home, via mobile, or inside a physical store, while 78 percent value convenience even more now than before COVID-19.

Today’s consumer is a convenience-craver, who is looking for value, instant gratification, range, and assortment across any channels he/she shops at.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed consumer behavior across categories, with a far-reaching impact on retail, distribution, payments, and supply chains. It has defined a 'new retail' for businesses and may have altered business dynamics forever. The push of technology adoption across industries became a critical aspect for surviving in the new normal, the survey said.

What's happening around the Marketing & Advertising world?

1. Meta tightens rules around social ads on Facebook and Instagram in India

2. Twitter acquires messaging app Quill

3. Nestle trims L'Oreal stake with $10 billion sale

That's all for today.

Let me know what you think about today's edition.

See you next time.

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