How Shoppers Stop used data and analytics to reimagine CX🚀

September 17, 2021

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Before getting back to the hustle, let's dive into today's edition: there,

  1. Ecommerce personalization in a post-COVID world
  2. How Shoppers Stop used data and analytics to reimagine CX
  3. Introducing Xeno's Next-gen Business Reporting 🥳️

🛒eCommerce personalization in a post-COVID world

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If we think abut loyalty, it's not a rational concept — it's an emotional one. We're loyal to people in our lives because we've shared little moments together and, over time, those moments coalesce into something greater and inexplicable.

Personalization is old news, it’s true. It’s been a buzzword in marketing for at least the last few years. But, the pandemic has really upped the ante on the need for eCommerce retailers to adopt personalization strategies.

Out of necessity, we’ve become more comfortable online. This has sparked businesses to focus their resources on building or improving online environments. When there are more than enough options at a customer’s fingertips, a website that caters to their ‘personal’ needs is the best tool a business has to distinguish itself from the competition.

eCommerce personalization

1. It all starts with Data: The key to understanding your audience – who they are and what they’re looking for – lies in in-depth data analysis.

It encompasses things like how many clicks a consumer makes, how many pages they visit, which promotional message brought them there, or how many times they visited before making a purchase.

2. Data segmentation: Behavioral segmentation is what’s winning the hearts of customers and driving a more successful business in the post-pandemic economy.

A personalized eCommerce website can distinguish between a first-time visitor, a regular visitor who hasn’t yet made a purchase, and a regular purchaser.

If your eCommerce website is not geared up for maximizing sales through personalization tactics then you’re missing out.

And we are building something to solve all your worries. The only solution you will ever require, stay tuned😉

🧐How Shoppers Stop used data and analytics to reimagine CX

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Since the second half of 2020, Shoppers Stop has embarked on a transformation of its omnichannel growth strategy. The company is strengthening its digital platform, powered by real-time data and analytics across the value chain – from customer experience and supply chain operations through to sales and last-mile delivery.

Providing a single view of customer and market insights for faster and informed decision-making, the platform optimizes customer targeting and contextual marketing with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and revenue.

Further, the advanced user interface and user experience are enabling Shoppers Stop customers with a seamless experience across the “browse, search, order and return” stages of the shopping lifecycle, helping bridge the gap between physical and digital touchpoints.

Shoppers Stop has been transitioning from being a brick-and-mortar to an omnichannel retailer, empowering customers with its digital initiatives to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Customers can shop safely, and at their convenience through WhatsApp, its website and application.

In conclusion, The retail industry needs to constantly reset so it can stay relevant in the face of changing shopper expectations, and create experiences that engage and delight

🤑Introducing Xeno's Next-Gen Business Reporting

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Getting the right reports at the right time is a headache. Between getting the data together, scheduling one of your team members to prepare the report, and then analyzing all that information – it just takes too much time. And in a business that’s time is money!

Things are gonna change now, for the good.

No more wasting time and effort waiting for reports that are inaccurate or out of date. Next-Gen Business Reporting automatically produces clear, concise, and relevant reports that make sense.

Imagine getting the information you need in real-time, on the go! 🤩

Want to learn how it can make your life easy?

Check out our eBook here

🧐 What's cooking up with Brands all over the world?

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  2. Ford calls it quits in India over losses, poor sales
  3. How Google plans to steal Apple's thunder

That's all that I had for today. Take care & stay safe :")

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