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Don’t Shop during the Festive Season Sale!

festive season sale
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September 29, 2022

Discover why you shouldn't shop during the festive season sale with Xeno Pulse. Explore the hidden pitfalls and drawbacks of seasonal sales, and gain valuable insights to make informed purchasing decisions.

Aye Haaloooo,💃🏽

Pardon me but I’m grooving to the Dandiya vibes nowadays on Navratri🎇

The other side of me, Well, it’s still thinking about how fast the quarter went by!🥲

But, ends are the new beginnings, right? And this is the beginning of the Festival Season! (basically, I mean the Festival Season SALE!)

God bless my shopping addiction.🥲

While you add products to your watchlist,

Let’s dive into behind-the-scenes of these eCommerce sales & decode the good, the bad & the ugly:

🎉 The Reality of eCommerce ‘Festive Sale’

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Singles’ Day.

All these are trendy shopping holiday cultures in the west.

And the same has been adopted by Indian eCommerce retailers as well!

Started by the country’s domestic eCommerce giant Flipkart back in 2014, These season sale has now been executed by all other brands & eCommerce giants in India.

Let’s start shopping scrolling:

💸 Reckless Rise in the Numbers

Indian consumers tend to be price-conscious

And discount events are a particularly effective way to lure them in. Just like every other year, this year’s festive sale is also on an impulsive ride.

Why do we say so?

Let’s talk about some numbers:

  • Amazon saw a 200% jump in sales as compared to 2021 & recorded 10 L unique product sales
  • Flipkart witnessed 1.6 M active users per sec of its festive season sale
  • Meesho saw an 80% jump in sales with 88 L orders executed on Day 1 of the sale
  • Myntra, Snapdeal & others have also started their sale with around 6000 retailers and are successfully growing 10x each day!

Let us examine the secret to success behind drawing such huge numbers:

🤯 Billion Dollar strategy behind Big Billion Days

Increasing revenue isn’t the only factor driving India's eCommerce giants to embrace these shopping events with such enthusiasm.

When the market is competitive, it is also an opportunity to stand above the competition!

Let us have a look at how e-commerce giants & retailers are winning India’s online market & competition:

1. The game of Profits😎

When any retailer gets bulk orders, by simple math the manufacturing cost will get reduced. But the selling price & the listing price of the product remains the same.

So what?

The customers will get a whooping discount,

And … the retailer will still enjoy a massive profit margin!

Cliche, right? Well, this is business :)

2. More Urgency, More Deals, More Sales🛍️

“Hurry Up”, “Only Few Left”, “Your Offer Ends in 3:59 hours”

All the above notions are enough for any customer to Search for their favorite product, add it to the cart, and press the “order now”

That is the power of urgency, which is created during these sales to make the deal more exciting. Therefore, more revenue & more sales are direct consequences of urgency tactics!

3. Earn Billions by Burning (only) Millions🤑

Big giants offer heavy discounts on products to gain more and more customers. Sometimes they even sell them FREE! (yes, you heard it right)

The best example is Reliance Jio’s free sim back in 2016!

To activate the cravings of your existing customers to shop and, even attract new customers, these big giants are ready to sell their products at a loss during the festive season!

WHY ??!!?? 😲

Because they know, once any customer falls for them, it will be a profitable business in the long run!

4. The conditions on “Terms & Conditions applied”🤷🏽

One of the best strategies to make customers buy new things is:

Applying terms & conditions to your offers! Minimum purchase required, Buy 2 Get 2, Offer Valid above purchase of Rs. 2999, are some of the common examples.

These tactics of retailers make customers “have something extra”. No doubt, it’s a legit blockbuster show for them!

Whether Shopaholic or not, these deals are something to which nobody could say a NO, especially when festivals are around the corner.

So can we say it’s a loophole for retailers to win customers? Well … 😉

📚 Story Of The Week: Marketing Calendar

The last quarter of the year is almost here. And let me tell you, this is going to be the most happening 3 months.😍

Stay on top of the upcoming events and never miss any marketing opportunity this festive season with our Ultimate Marketing Calendar:

🎤Xeno Quiz’O’nation - Work From Home Edition

Throwback to last Thursday when we organized a company-wide quiz event: ‘𝐐𝐮𝐢𝐳𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝟑.𝟎’. From the GK question that requires 0.00 IQ, to guessing Cartoon Characters (pure nostalgia for 90s kids) to singing Bollywood songs!

Oh! what a day it was!😌

That’s all for today. Hope you have a killer week. 💪🏼

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