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'Coz it has always been about loving thy Customers ❤️

xeno pulse 53rd Edition
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February 12, 2021

It's valentine's week and everyone seems to be talking about love. But what about your customers here? It's not just about closing a deal with them, you need to love them, nurture them and make them fall in love with your brand. It's simple, focus on delivering a great customer experience and customer loyalty will become a byproduct of your efforts. Catch up on this week's Xeno pulse and find out ways to make your customers fall in love with your brand.

Valentine's week arrives and suddenly love is in the air everywhere. Is it there for your brand? Everyone wants a solid loving relationship with their customers, but it has to be mutually rewarding right? (All the taken fellas, take notes😋)

As it said, love your customers and they will end up marrying your brand. Before you say it, I know it’s cliche but it’s true. So start loving your customers and make them fall in love with you 🥰

In this edition:

  1. Forbes: How can brands create customer connections in 2021?
  2. Time to revisit, the Ultimate Guide to Customer Delight by Hubspot again
  3. Separated by pandemic, retailers find their way to their beloved customers
  4. 6 retail insights marketers should apply this Valentine’s Day.
  5. The perfect valentine’s gift doesn’t exist, but here’s a start..


🤝 Forbes: How can brands create customer connections in 2021?

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With all its twists and turns, 2020 presented brands with many opportunities to experiment with technology in new ways, build trust with customers and cultivate relationships.

However, according to a global research study by Acquia, it was found that 24% of respondents reported buying from more brands in 2020 than in years past. So how can brands get personalization right in 2021?

  • Effectively leverage a CDP with cross-channel personalization capabilities.
  • Narrow the 'trust gap' between consumers and brands.
  • Be proactive in earning — and keeping — consumers' trust.
  • Experiment with personalization across your CX.

Learn more here


🤠 Time to revisit, the Ultimate Guide to Customer Delight by Hubspot again

Delight is about providing a remarkable experience to your customers through focusing on their needs, interests, and wishes. The goal of delight is to leave them so satisfied and happy that they go out and sing the praises of your brand.

And when you do so you build a strong relationship with your customers that makes them want to remain loyal brand advocates and promoters. Although satisfied customers are good for your company, delighted customers are more likely to become loyal customers and brand advocates for your company.

Here are some points you can keep in mind:

  • Solve (potential and current) customers' problems
  • Solve for the present and the future
  • Determine how to help them succeed
  • Listen to customer feedback

Keep reading here


🤗Separated by pandemic, retailers find their way to their beloved customers

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The pandemic acted as a divider between the old way of doing business and the new scenario that is taking shape, characterized by changing consumer behavior.

Now more than ever, luxury goods companies are seeking new ways to connect with their customers. They are reinventing and re-imagining themselves in ways that were previously unimaginable. Sustainability will be one of the main areas that fashion and luxury goods companies will rely on for their recovery.

In order to track continually evolving consumer behavior, luxury brands are developing an appetite for analyzing big data through artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) applications. As customers use more channels for purchasing, large fashion groups are seeking to develop more extensive client relationships by refurbishing retail stores and providing an omnichannel presence

And more here


🧠 6 retail insights marketers should apply this Valentine’s Day

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2020 redefined the shopping experience for consumers at every single level, forcing brands to rethink their retail and online channel approaches.

With Valentine's Day approaching and consumer spending for the holiday is obviously expected to rise.

Here are six key insights for marketers to apply this Valentine's Day:

  • More people shopping online ​= more first-party data = better customer understanding
  • More purchases on mobile apps: Streamline the purchasing process digitally
  • Extend your holiday sale to incentivize individuals to spend more
  • Reach out to would-be shoppers with discounts
  • Create seamless, data-driven cross-channel shopping experiences
  • Turn first-time shoppers into brand-loyal customer

Read it here


🎁 The perfect valentine’s gift doesn’t exist, but here’s a start…

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Still, struggling with manual segmentation? It’s clearly time to move onto better things

I understand your time is precious, so why waste it on things AI can solve

100+ retailers like Kaya, Kama Ayurveda, Taco Bell, Calcetto, Amante, and many more are using Xeno’s AI Audience Selection algorithm to maximize their revenue in just one click

They never waste time on deciding the perfect audience for their campaign

So can you now and with 20% higher conversions

A better valentine’s day awaits you

Check out the magic of AI here

🤗Brand & Marketing news:

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Catch up with all the trends and brand updates of the week here

1.This valentine’s day Cadbury dairy milk silk is inspiring you to go for love

2. How brands are using experiential marketing in time for Valentine's Day

3. Burger King roped in Sima Aunty to deliver a stellar Valentine's video

4. BookMyShow launched streaming platform for buying & renting flims

5. Sandes, India's alternative to WhatsApp, being tested by govt officials.

That’s all for today. Spend your weekend with your loved ones and get those valentine’s gifts sorted😋

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