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Campa Cola & Customer Loyalty

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March 16, 2023

90% of retailers fail to effectively implement Loyalty Programs, Want to be in the rest 10%? Tune into this edition for XenoPulse to find out the common mistakes that retailers make while implementing a loyalty program, Also get strategies to boost customer engagement on loyalty programs by 2X:⬇️

Hello Hello Hello,

Have you heard the news? The iconic Campa Cola is making a comeback!

The beloved soft drink that had disappeared from the shelves for nearly two decades is set to quench our thirst once again.

But, hold your fizz for just a moment! As we celebrate Campa Cola's revival, let's reflect on the importance of customer loyalty too. Because without customer loyalty, even the tastiest drink falls flat.

In today’s, we'll be discussing the common mistakes that retailers make that can leave their customers feeling flat.

(And who knows, maybe some of these mistakes were responsible for Campa Cola's initial downfall. Maybe they should have added a loyalty rewards program to their soda lineup! )

So, take a chill sip🥤 and let’s dive in:

💹 Upsetting Truth about Loyalty Programs:

Today's competitive retail landscape demands a successful loyalty program to win customers and increase sales.

But if creating a loyalty program was easy, almost every retailer would have been successful.

Let’s look at some shocking revelations about loyalty programs:

loyalty program stats for retailers

As these stats highlight & despite the potential benefits of loyalty programs, retailers still struggle to implement them effectively.

Let’s explore 5 common reasons why retailers fail at building successful loyalty programs:

🖐🏽 5 Loyalty Program Mistakes Retailers Need to Stop Making

loyalty program mistakes retailers should avoid

Avoiding these mistakes can enable brands to create a habit of loyalty toward the brand:

1. Loyalty Program is too complicated for customers😵

Creating an overly complicated reward structure does no good in customer engagement. Make a loyalty program that is easy to use.

2. There is No Personalization👎🏽

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach would lead to the inefficiency of the program. Retailers should leverage customer data to create personalized experiences.

3. The rewards are only transaction-based❌

Rewards that are only based on transactions create an emotional disconnect with the customers. Instead, attach rewards to other engagements too, such as social media sharing, referrals, reviews, etc.

4. Omnichannel Loyalty is Ignored🛍️

Disintegrated loyalty programs cause confusion leading to disengagement from customers. Integrating the loyalty program across all channels & syncing it with CRM can maximize the benefits.

5. Relying Solely on SMS communications📲

Only SMS is a blanket way to reach today’s customers. Rather diversify the communication channels & provide customers an option to personalize their experience.

P.S. It’s 2023 and “NOW” is the best time to move away from your traditional loyalty program.

We’ve talked about all these points in detail in our latest [just released] blog, be the first one to read, here: << 5 Reasons your Loyalty Program would fail! >>

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That’s all for today folks!

P.S. Would you be willing to enroll in a loyalty program if offered by Campa Cola?!  Let me know by replying.

Until next time!

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